Coming Ice Age?

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You remember the dire warnings, right? Mankind, in its hubris, and severely damaged the planet and the climate was about to undergo a massive change in temperature, leading to chaos, destruction, and death to billions. Ocean water levels will rise, flooding coastal cities. No, I am not talking about Global Warming. I am talking about the warnings of an impending Ice Age. Reports for this came in as early as the mid-1950s, and really hit a fever pitch in the 1970s.  Even Leonard Nimoy got in on that action. Don’t believe me? Check out this video:

Of course, that did not happen, and within a few years, the narrative changed. Suddenly, it was no longer cold that was the imminent threat. It was Global Warming. After 15 or more years of hysteria, this belief was brought into the mainstream by Al Gore and his propaganda piece, An Inconvenient Truth.  Now, if you go look that up in Wikipedia or other such sympathetic sources, you will see the claim that Gore advocated Climate Change. Poppycock. He clearly articulated that it was “Global Warming.” Again, we saw the threat of rising ocean levels wiping out coastal areas. Wait! Hadn’t we heard that before? Yeah, back when it was Global Cooling that was the theoretical danger.  Talk about having your cake and eating it too. If it cools, we flood. If it warms, we flood. That seems to be illogical, doesn’t it?
Then, suddenly, the narrative was given a damaging blow. It turns out that those rising global temperatures that Gore warned about in his film were not actually rising, and had not been since a few years before his film came out.  Now you will find some sources (including the one just linked) that say temperatures may be rising again, but at most, we are talking about 2 or 3 years. Not even close to enough time to determine long-term trends. Plus, if this was an ongoing problem, why was there no temp change between 1998-2012? Did all these horrible manmade emissions stop during those years? Of course not. Nothing changed.
Since the narrative of continual warming was no longer working, the terms were changed again. Now, we find “Climate Change” as the preferred term. Yeah, why not? That works for anything. Getting colder? Climate Change. Getting warmer? Climate Change. Things are staying the same? Somehow, even that is Climate Change.
We even see new reports that are saying that we might be headed back for an ice age again. It is enough to make your head spin. So let’s review:

  1. We are in danger of an ice age.
  2. No, we are in danger of global warming.
  3. No, we are just experiencing varying forms of  climate change.
  4. No, we were right the first time. It is going to be an ice age.

Now come on. This whole thing is ridiculous. I remember as a kid reading about the first ice age warning. I even recall a proposed plan to sprinkle dark ash on the polar ice caps to warm the planet to head off the walls of glaciers that were soon to descend upon us. As a kid, I did not really give any of that much thought.
But the Global Warming threat came to prominence during my teen and young adult years, so I paid much more attention to that. My first reaction was based upon one simple statement that was often repeated. It went something like this:  “We are seeing the highest temperatures in 1000 years.”
My question to that was, “why were temperatures so warm 1000 years ago?”  Really, if it is man and his technology/industrialization that causes this warming trend, then what in the world were those medieval peasants doing? Did they have gasoline-powered carts? By the time the climate change advocates came up with the idiotic arguments that bovine flatulence was a cause – well, I had decided that this whole things was garbage.
So why does the left push this obviously ridiculous narrative, changing it at their whim? It boils down to two things, as I see it:  Money and Power.
1. Money. Al Gore has made a mint off of this craziness. His net worth, according to his own filings in the 2000 presidential race, was less than $2M. In 2015, his worth was estimated at much closer to $200M. It seems that scaring people about climate change has been very lucrative for the former VP. That is just one example. There are entire industries that are based upon people trying to “go green” and save the planet. There are literally billions of dollars in this industry.
2. Power. There are political considerations at play here. Notice where much of Gore’s money came from. Yes, that is right. George Soros. This is an effort to impact governmental policy. Power flows to those who can fund politicians and organizations that push this agenda.
Of course, these two things create a vicious cycle, where money flows into the halls of power, where new legislation is enacted, pushing more money into the pockets of the original donors. The cycle continues.
Wake up folks. There is no doubt that the average global temperature sometimes rises and sometimes falls. It has done this since the world began, and there is one major reason. Where does most of the energy in our solar system come from? Of course, we know that – the Sun. Just as our planet goes through seasons, so the sun goes through cycles, and the varying levels of solar energy has an impact. However, it is a natural cycle.
I will give props to Conservative Talk Show host, Rush Limbaugh here. I read one of his books back in 1992, and he made the point there that any major volcanic eruption in earth’s history has deposited more “harmful” emissions into our atmosphere than mankind has produced in its entire history. Look around. We are still here.
This whole thing is part of the liberal, godless, anti-Western Culture agenda that is pushed by the left. Do not get sucked into it. Use your brains. Investigate these things for yourself. Do not take the word of the “experts.” They cannot even decide whether we are going to freeze or burn up. Really – they cannot tell us with much accuracy what our weather will be like next month. Why do we think they can tell us what it will be like in a decade or century into the future? They can’t. In fact, they cherry pick data and alter studies to advance their lies.
Drive your SUVs. Let your cows fart. We are going to be fine. Quit spending money on products and materials that advance this faulty theory. It is bogus. Don’t waste your time with a Prius. Drive your Suburban. Men of the West spend our time focused on real problems. Not those cooked up by those who want to end our culture.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. The solution for global cooling in the 1970s was more government power and regulation.
    The solution for global warming in the 1980s and 1990s was more government power and regulation.
    The solution for climate change in the 2000s and 2010s was more government power and regulation.
    I don’t know about the trend in global temperatures, but I sure see a trend in the solutions.

      • I could see a new mini ice age happening only because it would fall within the sun cycles. The last cool period was around 400 years ago.

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