Initial Thoughts on the Las Vegas Shooting

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Here at MOTW, we try to avoid making snap observations. Like the rest of you, we are watching the reports coming in, and once things settle down a bit, we will have more to say. At this point, it would be silly to try to definitively say that Paddock (the shooter) was ANTIFA or ISIS or anything else. Those things may turn out to be true, or they may not. We will wait and see.
At the same time, this video of a body language expert discussing Paddock’s brother is pretty interesting. Look for yourself:

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  1. I was told I had to give up my privacy to have security. At this point it is fairly clear that the government isn’t capable of providing security. I’d like my privacy back.

  2. My first reaction was and continues to be, that this was a false flag attack.
    Read “Enemies Foreign And Domestic” by Matt Bracken.

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