Long live the King!

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The God-Emperor has ascended to the Cherry Blossom Throne. All hail the king! But in all seriousness, the inauguration was successful and those who sought to disrupt the event were kept away. Latest report that I saw stated that 217 were arrested and 6 cops were lightly injured. The video of a burning limo just a couple blocks away show just how close these rioters were.
The first thing that I noticed from the inauguration is that Trump was the only person with his coat unbuttoned. This may seem trivial, but its a very formal event and everyone else was buttoned up besides Trump and his youngest son. The latter is a child, and not relevant, but I got the impression that Trump  with his solid red tie and open coat was making a display of dominance. Projecting the image that he was the boss from the very beginning. I think that image will serve him well in the coming years.
I was pleased to note that the benedictions were prayed in the name of Jesus, the name above all names. This name was often avoided by the previous administration and it was welcome to hear. Trump himself also referred directly to Jesus Christ, which is again a positive change. There was, however, a rabbi who prayed, and it was very clear that his allegiance was largely to Israel.
Trump’s inauguration speech wasn’t anything new, and was largely the same message that he has given before, making several promises and leaving others out. He didn’t mention the wall, but he mentioned jobs numerous times. He also made one promise that he simply cannot keep “We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones — and unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth.” As long as there is Islam, there will be Islamic terror. It can be stopped for a time, perhaps, but it will come back. Truly, conversion from Islam is the only real answer to this centuries old problem.
Now, what can we look forward to? There is going to be a flurry of executive orders in the coming weeks. Some reports state 200 executive orders will be signed in rapid succession to start rolling back the Obama era EOs. Keep in mind that not all EOs are bad by any means. They are by definition simply a way to pass down direction from the President so there will not be a total rollback, nor a need for it, for those who might be hoping for such a thing.
Trump’s main campaign promises have been to build a wall, to bring back jobs, to penalize those who offshore jobs, and to put America first in trade and everything else. There have already been successes in getting jobs to stay here in the US. These have been small, and are largely PR, but as he wasn’t in office yet these are definite wins. They also successfully set the tone for his first term in office of working with companies to convince them to stay here. As Trump cannot be everywhere, he may send delegates in his name to various companies both large and small to spread these kinds of wins across the nation.
The ongoing saga of Brexit is another area where Trump can shine. He has already stated that the UK would be first in line for a new trade deal, whereas Obama stated they would be last. That was an attempt to prevent them from leaving the EU which failed miserably. But the UK has been a friend to this country for far too long to ignore them, and Trump is smart enough to see how we can both benefit, not simply from the trade, but also by hastening the dissolution of the EU. A strong but divided Europe is good for the US in that many healthy partners are better than one disease ridden partner would be, and the EU has very quickly become disease ridden, both metaphorically and literally, with its Islamic invasion. Signing a trade deal with the UK will likely be seen in his first year.
The issue that is perhaps the most urgent is the ending of Obamacare. This legislation has increased costs about $5,500 a year and is very much hurting the people. Congress is supposedly willing to repeal, and Trump needs to signal Congress to get a bill on his desk. It needs to be a complete repeal to avoid problems. There are provisions in there that are popular and even workable, but the whole thing should be repealed, and individual items could be added back. Failing to repeal Obamacare would be a huge betrayal of his supporters.
Keep an eye out for the EOs Trump will be issuing, and look for the beginnings of the promises he has made. These won’t all be quick, but we need to keep him on track because Washington often corrupts those who would change it. And of course, keep an eye on his Twitter account. There is zero chance he will quit using that as it has been his direct line to the American people, and the world. Its been a highly effective tool so far and he will no doubt leverage it highly in the coming years. Unless he switches to GAB, then all the fun would be had there.


  1. My favorite that he signed on Friday night before he put his dancing shoes on was the one that froze ALL government regulations until his appointees could get into their jobs, and start digging through the regs. The other was something to do about removing some of the penalties or something else from the Obamacare program. I am not a lawyer so I am not sure about that one. But the frozen regs? Oh yeah, that was glorious.
    Just saw a report that Trump told the EU to abandon their plans to build their army or Nato funding goes bye bye. He is really putting the screws to the EU tyrants. Theresa May is coming to visit this Friday so that will be interesting too.

  2. One other thing, could it also be that with his bullet proof vest on under his shirt, that he was simply very hot, and trying not to sweat like a pig? I do agree about the Big Alpha Dog analogy. Vox talked about that one time in one of his posts about a dozen years ago or so. I just liked that he understood during the campaign that he was applying for a job, and he worse a suit and tie pretty much every appearance. He was the only one who respected us and who GOT it. The others did not.

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