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Over the past few months, and specifically, over the past several weeks, those we refer to as “Alt-Retard” or “Alt-Reich” have been making quite a bit of noise. We have categorically stated that these folks, though they profess to be on our side, are not actually a part of us. We refuse to use those words – us, we – when discussing them. They are of the Left and have no place in the Hard Right (or Alt-West, if you prefer).

Donner recently addressed this situation, as did the Kurgan. You can read their thoughts on it via the links.

The purpose of this particular post, however, is to direct your attention to a fantastic article over at Ivan Throne’s site. Here is Ivan’s intro to the piece; we encourage you to go read the whole thing.

Introduction from Ivan Throne.
This guest post from Chad Felix Greene is an excellent and perceptive analysis of a rather grotesquely incompetent devolution of one of the players on the current political scene in the United States. The cheapening of the human spirit – and fostering of utter political incompetence – by many of those who declare themselves National Socialists in America today, is a disgusting and preventable train wreck.
Prior to the election the Nazi memes had a reasonable utility in shifting the Overton Window. Now that the election is over, the National Socialists have failed to adapt to the changing demands of political circumstance. Rather than shift towards actual penetration of the State and seizure of power, the propaganda success enjoyed prior to November of 2016 has been calcified into a crucifyingly stupid and self destructive broth of self-defeating inanity.
Nazi memes can be very funny, as /pol/ has exquisitely shown. Yet /pol/ does actual work – calling in airstrikes on Syrian fightersidentifying murderous Antifa, and more that many do not see. /pol/ is a notoriously festering stew, but it is a) edible, and b) tasty, and c) the cooks do not slop it on the walls and floor while vomiting in it and calling it genius. It has been said that the hive mind of /pol/ is the first step of AI and human integration, and I agree with that singularity assessment.
/pol/ takes pride in weaponized autism. I adore /pol/.
Richard Spencer, while held up as an arch-Nazi in the mass media and certainly a lightning rod for controversy and violence, nonetheless does not engage in what can only be described as the behavior of a filthy and uneducated peasant. Although I do not consider him an ally or agree with his policy positions, I cannot fault his manners in our private or public correspondence.
Richard Spencer takes pride in pursuing real power. I respect Richard for that.
Alt-Retards take pride in being… retarded.

Their error of embracing a catastrophically failed ideology through what can only be described as flagellating, masturbatory public idiocy is, of course, inevitable. As a Twitter commenter noted, National Socialism is “inherently tactically feckless”. Thus it is not surprising that those who the broader Alt-Right have derisively termed the “Alt-Reich” are now, quite accurately, cast out into the barren wilderness as the Alt-Retard.
At the time of publication there are three issues taking place that have sparked heightened scrutiny on the Alt-Retards.
The first is the confluence of Alt-Tech and monopolistic censorship, including such practices as registrar banning and YouTube demonetization, among others. The second is the current controversy surrounding Gab.AI, its founder Andrew Torba, and Vox Day, the Supreme Dark Lord. The third is whether these unfortunate Alt-Retard imbeciles are right or left wing, being openly declared Socialists.
Chad’s article does not address those three issues. They are irrelevant to his analysis.
It is a pleasure to host this article. The recent fatal debacle in Charlottesville has shown that Alt-Reich becomes Alt-Retard, quickly followed by Alt-Fright and Alt-Flight, when faced with the reality of ground combat against the growing Antifa hordes.
Cowardly, incompetent troops fight, in effect, for the adversary.
The Alt-Retard cannot mature into a competent adult, let alone seize and govern the State, while wedded to infantile, digital coprolalia that does not convince, no longer serves purpose, and merely demonstrates mortifying lack of utility.
The rest of the Alt-Right will continue towards the restoration and preservation of Western civilization.
Grotesque, rampant childishness from the Alt-Retard ultimately reveals itself as hideous physical cowardice when put to test on the ground of war, where badly goose-stepping children do not belong.
Now permit me to turn you over to Chad and his excellent, and unexpectedly compassionate, analysis.
And when you are finished, make sure you read his superb article Masculinity is Peace.
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  1. I had just read this over on Ivan’s blog and thought of you guys. Glad you picked it up! It provides clarity as well as the poetry Ivan is so well known for, and to his credit Chad stands shoulder to shoulder with Ivan on the second half. His emphasis on, “structure, leadership and a code of principle” is inspiring.

    • It is an excellent piece. You might notice that Ivan has written for us a few times. We keep in touch with one another.

  2. “The Alt-Retard cannot mature into a competent adult, let alone seize and govern the State, while wedded to infantile, digital coprolalia that does not convince, no longer serves purpose, and merely demonstrates mortifying lack of utility.
    The rest of the Alt-Right will continue towards the restoration and preservation of Western civilization.”
    The rest being the people who believe in;
    01) The Alt Right is fully right wing, unlike so-called cuckservativism
    02) The Alt Right is an alternative to conservatism, neoconservatism, and libertarianism
    03) The Alt Right believes in a realistic path to victory
    04) The Alt Right is pro-Western
    05) The Alt Right is pro-nationalism for everyone
    06) The Alt Right is anti-globalist
    07) The Alt Right believes all people are different and unequal, as are all racial groups
    08) The Alt Right believes in science but opposes scientific culture
    09) The Alt Right believes identity is the foundation of politics
    10) The Alt Right believes each ethnic group should run its own land
    11) The Alt Right believes different groups occupying the same land will fight
    12) The Alt Right doesn’t care about political correctness or being liked
    13) The Alt Right opposes international free trade and favors appropriate protectionism
    14) The Alt Right favors the white race and white nationalism
    15) The Alt Right believes all races have their own strengths and shouldn’t dominate each other
    16) The Alt Right believes in peace through separation and good borders
    So all EXCEPT point 14 are surely in line with Alt west/ hard right/ MOTW way of thinking? or am i mistaken?

    • You have done a somewhat bad job of summarising the 16 points of the Alt-Right, but that’s sort of besides the point.
      You have missed the whole point of the Alt-West Manifesto. I suggest you read it again a few times and note each sentence.
      The Alt-West is NOT Alt-Right. The reasons are obvious and spelt out in the manifesto in simple English. Do take note.

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