It is easy to look at your opponent and see a weak, pasty, no-nothing. Often, that may be the case. On the other hand, you might be totally wrong. You better make sure you have the true measure of those who stand in your way, or you might be totally surprised and disappointed with the results of the contest. This is an oldie, but a goodie. You can watch the first 5 min for context. From the 5 min to 6 min mark, you can see Bob Conrad reacting to the situation, before challenging Gabe Kaplan to a 100 yard race to settle the issue.

Bob thought he had it in the bag. He wass a hard, in-shape fellow. He saw Kaplan as a softie and figured he would trounce him in the race. What he didn’t know was that Kaplan was a former minor league baseball player, who had also run track in high school – AND HAD MADE UP 15 YARDS ON CONRAD IN THE CONTROVERSIAL RACE A FEW MIN BEFORE.

Not knowing your opponent can cost you. See it for yourself. The run off race itself starts at about 7:50. Kaplan smokes him (though, to be fair, Conrad admits the better man won).