On Racism in America

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In my previous post, I noted that the terms Racist and Racism are getting thrown around so much that they have have lost their meaning.  We have entire groups of people being labeled as racist simply for not falling all over themselves to declare themselves horrible people for the sins of their ancestors.  As I pointed out last time, none of this does anything to help blacks in America – in fact, it causes whites to be resentful because they are being maligned for things that they themselves have never done.  You might say that Southerners have been… racially profiled.
Here are things that I think we can do that will genuinely help.

  1.   It’s time for “Social Justice” to go away.  Social Justice is nothing but marxist agitation for the 21st century.  It’s a cheap imitation of the real thing.  What all of us in the America, and especially blacks need, is Justice.  One of the big problems in Ferguson, Mo prior to the Michael Brown incident was that the police were policing for revenue and not for public safety.  Time has shown us that Michael Brown wasn’t innocent when he was shot.  But when a community has been subjected to the real life equivalent of Boss Hogg telling Rosco to run out and fleece the tourists to balance the budget, you can hardly blame them when they don’t trust the police.  A corollary to this is that we are going to have to end the “soak the rich” style taxation.  One of the things that drives this negative behavior is that local governments have to get money from somewhere in order to continue to exist, but we have largely gone overboard when it comes to alleviating the tax burden on the poor – only to turn around and give them fines, fees, and other kinds of civil penalties to raise the money.  (A prime example of this is taxing landlords, requiring registration fees, heavily regulating rental properties, and then acting surprised when rents are high)
  2. It’s time to quit treating blacks like children.  We have multiple states with Voter ID laws that are being challenged because requiring a government issued picture ID is somehow discriminatory.  Blacks are perfectly capable of getting an ID, and most of these laws include provisions to provide them free of charge to anybody who doesn’t already have one.  Blacks drive cars, buy liquor, open bank accounts, fly on planes, and do all manner of things that already require a picture ID.  To imply that they are so inept as to be incapable of showing ID to vote is mind-boggling.  What is even more astounding is that if you don’t buy into the idea that blacks are incapable of getting a government issued photo id – you are racist.  Fraud at the voting booth dilutes black votes just as much as it does white votes, and the integrity of our elections is something that we should all be able to agree on.
  3. Build The Wall.  The influx of low wage low skill workers into this country has disproportionately affected the employment prospects of black Americans.  Hispanic immigrants have pushed blacks out of a lot of decent paying trade jobs.  The solution to most of the problems that black Americans face can be resolved by making sure that they can get jobs that will pay enough to support their families.
  4. White people need to quit trying to solve the problems of black people.  As Reagan said, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  Every time that white people have tried to meddle in the affairs of black people, we have made their problems worse.  The war on poverty and the war on drugs should just be collectively called the war on black men.  It’s time to just admit that white people can’t swoop in and fix the problems that blacks face.

The moral of the story is, it’s time to stop treating blacks as a “disadvantaged minority” and start treating them like our neighbors.   We don’t know what it’s like to be black.  But they don’t know what it’s like to be white.  As the old saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side.  Everybody has troubles.  Treat people as equitably as you possibly can.  Let the Church do its job and try to help the less fortunate.  Let the Churches band together.  But not buying into the political lefts ideas of “social justice” and identity politics doesn’t make you a racist.
When everything is racist… then nothing is.


  1. “To imply that they are so inept as to be incapable of showing ID to vote is mind-boggling.”
    Quite correct, and it’s a far more proper definition of racism than any in current use. White supremacy does not cease to be white supremacy just because it is disguised as paternalism.

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