Powerful Speech by Robert Welch

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Editor’s Note: This was a speech from 1973, wherein Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, speaks of the dangers facing America and the world. It is prescient, and forward-thinking, and though the words are over 40 years old, they are still relevant to our modern world. The speech is quite long, stretching over two hours. Regardless, it is worth your time. This is a message that Men of the West need to hear. You will note that the video title says 1958, and that is because the speech was originally given then. This is actually a two-hour excerpt of a two-day presentation from the earlier date.
UPDATE: The original video was deleted, but we found this at the JBS website.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the JBS has been overrun by lispy, PC safe-space promoting bigots. It’s been gutted and is worthless as a present day vehicle of meaningful commentary on our sad state of affairs. Mike S Adams writes about the end of feminism’s relevance because back in the 80s they ran out of meaningful things to protest (personally I don’t think feminism was ever useful except to keep Trigglypuffers from shooting themselves in the head and give meaning to their meaningless existence). JBS ran the same circuit except that it’s relevancedeath was basically the complete acceptance of the military industrial complex as the root and core of our economy. John Perkins, while a Liberal’s liberal kindaguy, at least exposed the political and financial clusterbombing system used in the 60s and 70s to bring the 3rd world into service of the 1st.
    if you’re looking for root causes of the decay, at least one of the major sources is the television. Newton Minnow, chair of the FCC, gave a lively summary of the situation way back in 1961 in a speech in which he dubbed the TV programming of the 1950s a “vast wasteland”

  2. The text of the ’58 speech is available as the Blue Book. I have a copy somewhere, but it should be available in .pdf.
    Chuck, not sure where you’re getting that interpretation from. I can provide years worth of The New American. If you can point out the JBS acceptance of the military industrial complex as the “root and core of our economy”, I’d appreciate it.

    • Thank you Eric. Chuck’s summation of the John Birch Society today is other-worldly and completely off the wall. The last thing he should be doing is trash-talking another patriot, let alone the matrix of the modern liberty movement: JBS. Infowars is consistently quoting their articles in The New American. I’m not a JBS member myself, but as an Oath Keeper, I too, stand behind them 100%.

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