Reconciliation? Hah.

November 14, 2020
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Editor’s Note: Again, The Last Redoubt puts it out there plainly.

Reconciliation? Don’t make me laugh.

I listened to the supposed victory speech by the presumptive Democratic president and vice-president elect (Kamal-Joe?), and I have one thing to say about the message about working together going forward.


I’ll ignore the paeans to glass ceilings and implied feminist / patriarchy / systemic racism myths about how the only thing keeping Kamala out of office and other minorities out of success was eebil straight white men (but I repeat myself). I’ll also ignore the arrogant, congratulatory, and utterly condescending attitudes of many of Biden’s supporters. Furthermore, for now, I’ll ignore the explicit call-outs for doubling down on social justice and critical theory.

All you need to know that talk of reconciliation and working together is bullshit is one of the very first lines she spoke about the election being a battle for the soul of America.

Think about it. The difference in opinion between the outlook of the millions who actually voted for Trump, and the slim margin that supposedly voted for Biden, is described as such a fundamental difference that it is a battle for the soul of America. In short, will America be a shining light of tolerant hope, or an dark place where white racism (but I repeat myself) and patriarchy are allowed to run rampant in some nightmare hellscape oppressing everyone who’s just a little bit different. She’s describing this as not merely a difference of opinion, but as vanquishing the forces of evil.

Does she actually believe that, all of a sudden, now that they’ve declared the election over, or the day they supposedly legitimately take office, that the vanquished will shrug and adopt a new outlook? Does she expect us to believe that she believes that? That is only one option, but it is the least likely.

Does she honestly think that the majority of Trump supporters are dumb, and were duped by the clever evil racist bigoted white males (but I repeat myself) working with and under Trump, or in parallel? That once they get rid of the ringleaders (put a pin in that one), the rest of us will docilely and stupidly fall in line with the “correct” opinions now that they’ve shown us how wrong we were?

I’m actually not sure what’s worse – that they think we are all fundamentally evil, willing and cognizant forces of a soul-destroying toxic ideology, or dupes swayed by pretty words, and if they just say the right pretty words, we’ll low, chew our cud, and follow them into the slaughterhouse history has always proven their ideology to be.

Of course – since their ideology explicitly states that, push come to shove, the only true thing is power, and ideology is beaten into shape to serve it (it’s the reason they’re not hypocrites) – they may simply be cynically expecting to browbeat us or sweet talk us into being cattle.

You see, they’ll have to make us agree. This turns “reconciliation” into a dark and twisted reflection of itself, with mandatory sensitivity training to explain why we were all wrong.

Sure, some people will shut up and knuckle under until the occasional criminal white male (but I repeat myself) is pushed too far, and snaps, and that will be held up as an example of how bad we all are, thus engendering more crackdowns. I think this is what they are banking on to some extent as the establishment Republicans welcome their old friends with open arms so they can play at principle while sucking down drinks at all the right parties and having all the right friends.

Remember that pin? It doesn’t matter how many of the people turn out to be cattle: Does anyone think an enemy of the soul of the country will ever be allowed a platform to succeed, much less become a threat to them, if they can help it? Mandatory sensitivity training is likely the least of our worries. We also know the Constitution is already toilet paper, as far as they are concerned, where it comes to gun rights – they simply will not trust us with the means to say “no”. This is why we already see calls for “accountability” for anyone deemed to support Trump too much, in the form of driving them out of any form of the public sphere. You see, we’ll reconcile with the American people. We’ll just punish these bad racists who duped you. I’m positive – though I’ll get to it separately if at all – that they don’t understand that we actually believe what we believe, after having actually considered it.

They have declared us enemies – forces willfully arrayed, opposed to, and cleansing to the soul, sick thing as it is – of the society they wish to bring forth as they declare it beautiful and good.

They won’t reconcile.

As an aside – in many D&D variants, a healing spell can cause harm to the undead. Truth and beauty is the bane of what they wish to build.

Not that a formless slurry of constantly shifting definitions will build anything that lasts, but mass graves.

Update: Someone already commented that in a way, they’re right, it is a battle for the soul. Even if you’re not inclined to take the religious side seriously, they want to reshape your very soul and being to be in alignment with their view of the essence of the society. Anything else cannot be allowed, if they view us as so different from them. They must destroy us, even if they don’t kill our bodies.

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  1. It’s very simple.

    Compromising with evil means evil wins.
    Tolerating Evil means that not only does evil win, you are now instrumental in it’s victory.
    Reconciliating with Evil means you are now part of it’s power.
    Forgiving Evil if Evil does not ‘go forth and sin no more’ implies all three.

    While it certainly matters if Trump manages to expose the Fraud that is trying to pretend he didn’t win, to the individual you cannot sympathise, empathise, or support the vile treachery that allowed it. reconciliation is a joke, like those idiot fathers that ‘forgive’ the muslim that rapes and murders their daughter without going out of his way to put a bullet in their head.

    It is cowardice, it is evil.

    These people literally believe “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’ hard enough ta win.”. They KNOW they are evil. They walk away proud because they won, because they WANTED it more than we do. Justice is irrelevant. Honor is irrelevant. The will of the people is irrelevant… They think we are losers because we aren’t smart enough to stop their cheating.

    The Prisons are filled with folks that are convinced they are a whole lot smarter than everyone else.

    They are wrong, and win or lose, it is time to start voting… They have taken away our ability to vote with our feet, they have taken away our ability to vote with our ballots, they have taken away our ability to vote with our Wallets.

    There is only one way left to vote that they do not control. Remember that.

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