It is easy to think that we are all alone. I mean, most of us are surrounded by a culture that vacillates between outright hostility and intentional neglect. We often find ourselves standing alone against the godless horde of the left. Sure, we know that we can come here and spend a little virtual time amongst the likeminded, and some of us are even able to interact with other Men of the West in the real world. Regardless of our individual circumstances, we can all benefit from the resources available online that support our world view. With that in mind, here are a few of those that you might find useful in our fight against those who would try to destroy Western Culture.


It is important that we stop using the resources of our enemy and start using those that support our culture. With that in mind, stop using Wikipedia, which is hopelessly converged. Instead, get your information from Infogalactic. It is designed, edited, and run by those on our side.



Stop getting your daily updates from ABCNNBCBS and their like. While Fox News might be better than those far left sources, there is still much to be desired from the more “conservative” news site. When you do use it, be discerning. Some other sites that are much more reliable (though you still always want to check your news from any site):
B̶r̶e̶i̶t̶b̶a̶r̶t̶ (We have removed this site, as it is converged)


Washington Examiner


White House Youtube Channel.  Here, you can get direct streams of speeches, etc.



Hedgeye Youtube Channel

Mises Institute



Tom Woods

4th Turning


BUSINESSES AND PUBLISHERS (clothing that supports a Western Culture and is run by friends of Men of the West)

Castalia House


Men of the West Mugs



Vox Popoli

Dark Triad Man

Gab (Non-converged Twitter alternative)

Six Day Science. Wonderful scientific resource that honestly considers God’s Creation, using both science and scripture. Very thought-provoking. Trust me, even if you do not agree with everything here, you will learn something valuable.


Certainly, these are not the only good resources, but it is a start. When you have another good option, post it in the comments, and we can check it out. We will try to keep this list updated, and can add new sites to the lists above, or even add new categories, as needed.

The key is to start using our own resources. When we find an area of the culture that is lacking a good alternative, then we can start one. By “we,” of course, I mean you. These are folks who are already trying to make a difference, going against the mainstream. You can join them, using your own talents. The more we take the culture back, the more options will arise. That is part of our mission.