Road War Intel: Auburn

April 19, 2017
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Let this post serve as an announcement that we Men of the West are committed to doing everything we can to aid our brothers in the Road War.   We will provide analysis and intel, and we will responsibly publish all credible Road War battles.    Let’s start with Auburn.
While there was no giant clash like The Second Battle of Berkeley, that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn something from what happened.  In fact, these kinds of near encounters are critical to gathering intel in any operation.  So let’s make sure we don’t overlook anything.
Let’s start with the most obvious thing.   While we haven’t had intel reports from anyone actually on the ground, there is a lot of video (see below; NB: Bad Language), and one thing that immediately stands out is that Antifa geared up this time.   Antifa can be seen in armor and in baseball helmets, much the same way our side has been for weeks.   This is a big change.  Previously, Antifa has been all about the hoodie and mask.   They came to Auburn looking more prepared to stand and fight than hit and run.    When the Third Battle of Berkeley comes around, we should not be surprised to see them more prepared.  It should also be noted that this was largely an Atlanta Antifa op.  So we especially need to look for this when we know that Atlanta Antifa is going to be present.
Another big take away is that we got confirmation of what we have long known:  Antifa folds in the light.   Auburn Police took away their masks and hoodies, and once out of uniform, they completely lost their morale.  They can be seen trying to hide their faces when they were being recorded.  There are a lot of implications here, but we can bet that police departments across the country will take notice.  Expect the “No Mask, No Hoodie” policy to spread.  It simply worked too well for police to ignore.  If they do ignore it, then there are obvious implications from that as well.
Antifa is largely, but not entirely, made up of kids with something to lose.  That is evident from their behavior once the masks came off.
Again… We cannot overstress the value of paying attention to events like this and learning everything you can from them.
We leave you with the MOTW Road War Mantra:   All The Gear.  All The Time.
ATGATT Brothers.


In this clip, note two things: hiding faces and “No Hoodies, No Mask”


  1. Watch for action in Pikeville, Kentucky, on 28-29 April. League of the South, Traditional Workers Party, et al will be there for two events–one private and one public. AntiFa has promised to join the fun, including the Atlanta AntiFa group. Just a heads up . . .

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