Savor The Victory. Then Get Back To Work.

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First of all, we would like to welcome you all to the greatest day on all the internets.  Liberals are melting down.  Feminists are hyperventilating and the millennials have completely lost the ability to even.  Lest you think we exaggerate…

Well, let’s be honest, not even Trigglypuff can compete with that.   And that’s not all…

The Salt Mine overfloweth.  Take it all in.   We feed not only on the hate of our enemy… but also their blood and tears.  Savor the victory for a few moments.  Then remember…  Nothing is over.   The fight is just getting started.  The fatal mistake our enemies make is to assume that elections signal the end of a fight.  They do not.  They signal the beginning of one.
The Fight never ends.  Last night we leveled up.   But as any gamer knows… all that means is the enemies get stronger.  Let us leave you with Psalm 144:
Blessed by the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for battle and my fingers for warfare.


  1. The 2nd video was the best thing ever. Multiply that by thousands and thousands all over the country last night.
    Stay salty my friends.

  2. Weak-minded fools cannot handle it when what they want isn’t handed to them on a silver platter. They’re soft, and they can’t handle failure.
    Meanwhile, the rest of the country moves on.

  3. None of this “let’s work together” bullshit. This is why Republicans never get anything done and why alt-right became necessary. Commiecrats do not compromise. They do not give up and inch. This is war! We must take everything from them.

  4. The God-Emperor ascends the Cherry Blossom throne. We have the mandate!
    Bill Whittle had a great post/video this morning and he references the fall of Sauron in the Return of the King. That end scene. Priceless! Fits well here too 🙂

  5. This reminds me of the riots that took place each after Obama was elected. Conservative, Bible thumping, gun-loving, uneducated, white racists stormed the streets setting everything in sight on fire; beating innocent minorities and gay people. The horror. I can even.

  6. All the butthurt I’m seeing is from emotionally weak older women, and millennial women who can’t even. They all disgust me.

  7. The young woman in the first video has likely been taught that her problems are caused by the patriarchy. She screams that “someone,” implicitly the patriarchy itself, should fix this.
    I pity her, and Trigglypuff, too. I’ll pray for them. And thank God they lost this one.

  8. The first video beats out Trigglypuff by a mile. The second video is a beautiful panorama. I bath in the sweet, salty tears of progtard idiots tonight.

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