When Societies Go Batshit Insane

October 10, 2017
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Entropy works against civilizations as much as it does against any ordered system. And, like in physics, there are times you look at the data and say, “Here’s where the system shifted into increasingly disordered chaos.”
Of course, society isn’t bound to the same processes that allow us to run physics experiments over and over again.
What we have are “Batshit Insane” events where any right thinking, hard thinking man will recoil in shock and disgust when the event happens.
Here’s one.

“As of Jan. 1, 2018, it’ll no longer be a felony in California to knowingly expose partners to HIV.
According to CNN, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislature on Friday that lowers the former felony to a misdemeanor.
The law first passed on September 11, the outlet reported.
Prior to the passing of SB 239, those who failed to disclose their HIV status to sexual partners could be punished with up to eight years in prison.”

Got it? You could be carrying a highly infectious disease with no real cure that leads to a slow, painful death, and you have been given the green light to spread that around without consequence.
In classic doublethink, the perverts are calling this as a step forward in improving public health.
But wait! It gets better.
“The tweaked law will also lower penalties for knowingly donating HIV-infected blood from a felony to a misdemeanor.”
Batshit. Insane.
The only thing thing this bill does is make sure the faggot HIV disease is passed on to normal, mentally and physically healthy, heterosexuals.
This is evil. These mentally unstable, and let’s face it, you aren’t all there if you cannot figure out basic biology that says tab ‘P’ is to be inserted into slot ‘V’ for mentally healthy and productive intercourse; freaks are determined to spread their sickness around, and they now have the backing of the State to do so.
If you value your health, get out of California, because this insanity has no end.


  1. Things fall apart. The world has turned upside down now.
    Clean-cut, moral Americans who were taught to hate Communism, be hard-working, be responsible, respect free speech, support religious freedom, defend gun rights, oppose warrantless searches, seizures, and torture must be in a state of shock to watch the USA become Socialist. How could Americans go to the same schools and have such different beliefs?
    You know that you live in the Twilight Zone when Americans support tyranny.
    The USA is now an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state flooded with illegal immigrants.
    Americans scream homosexuality should be illegal because the Gestapo belongs in the bedroom.
    Americans insist pot should be outlawed since Prohibition worked so well in the past.
    Americans say trade wars are good because closed borders turned North Korea into a stunning success.
    Americans think the US was always immoral because the USA doesn’t have churches.
    Americans say debt doesn’t matter because it is not real money and doesn’t need to be paid back.
    Americans think endless wars are fine because US bombs are just gathering dust.
    Americans believe being molested by the TSA is good since they have nothing to hide.
    Americans insist that the US never should have fought the British during the Revolutionary War.
    Americans feel that the Nazi boot that crushes your face is much more comfortable than the Communist boot.
    Americans say the minimum wage should be raised because you can get rich by decree.
    Americans think guns should be banned because nothing is more important than safety.
    Americans believe the desires of neighbors are more important than the rights of property owners.
    Americans think either that the USA is the country with the most freedom in the world or think that the US was always a police state.
    The US deserves everything coming to it.
    How can Americans sleep at night while the US collapses or look in the mirror now without feeling utterly disgusted and ashamed?

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