Soph Knocks Another One Out Of The Park

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Soph has never held back her punches but she’s in fine form in this one.

In twelve minutes, she delivers a broadside salvo against the Globohomo agenda which should be preached from every pulpit and lectern if the Church and State hadn’t fallen prey to their own hubris and moral decay. 

NOTE: She was banned for youtube from this video, but you can see it at Bitchute, along with her other videos.



  1. Chris, kids have been foul mouthed since the 80’s. Soph shouldn’t be fighting this fight but she is and she’s using the tools she has to reach her cohort.
    Boomers are lost. Millennials are seeped in the soy.
    GenX and Z have the best chance of taking up this fight.
    After we win, we can work on the troops’ language.

    • We can safely discount the judgment of anyone who ignores the provocation while criticizing the reaction. No other generation of Americans has faced the kind of fanatical, parading, persecuting evil that screams daily in the face of Gen Z. The Zyklons deserve more than a bit of leeway in how they choose to express their hatred for it.

  2. Yeah, I’m just nitpicking, i totally didn’t realize all of that stuff about gays because of a few profanities.
    In the future, I will try to remember to praise videos of kids more virtuous and brave than I, and if I am not totally in love, i will keep my opinions to myself.
    Thank you all for your chastisement.

  3. Fuck off, Chris. Your sanctimonious bullshit is one of the reasons why we’re seeing kids like Soph step up into the cultural war.
    She shouldn’t have to, but she is.

  4. Bite me, Karnak.
    To be fair, I’m not Soph’s target, since she probably isn”t trying to reach the choir.. Good to see kids with open eyes, I just don’t care for her style. Simply saying that isn’t criticism, but is enough to be blasted, at least here.
    Why the hell should anyone participate if their “allies” are going to shit themselves and bitch about any perceived deviation?

  5. Chris. You done fucked up. You can either change or you can keep doubling down.
    No one here is pleased Soph has to be doing what she’s doing, but she is. I won’t be a fucking ankle biter and swoon on my fainting couch because she’s using rough speech.
    If you want to comment on the content, feel free. If you insist on doubling down I will edit your comments on this post from here out.
    Your choice.

  6. I stopped watching halfway through… a little girl who deliberately dresses to look like a boy and uses language I wouldn’t accept from my adult sons in a family gathering.
    At first I thought maybe she was like “Liberal Larry” & doing a parody of the Left’s little-girl f-word ads a couple of years ago.
    But the brutality of a little child pretending to be thinking all these things when it is just one more script is as decayed as the mirror outrages playing in the background.
    It is wrong to corrupt a child’s speech, and corrupting a child’s speech corrupts the child, reagardless of who is doing it or what their motives.

    • OT: Tina I believe you asked elsewhere if Odin had a genealogy. Check Asser’s Life of Alfred the Great, Bede’s History of the English Church and People, or Nennius’ Historia Brittonum in the section on Hengist and Horsa. Small differences, but the gist of it is in all 3.

    • Tina, she dressed differently for this video.
      In any case, this video wasn’t for you. Boomers are lost at this point. There is no worldly redemption for Boomers, only spiritual.
      Soph is reaching out to her cohort, Gen Z, and any who else will listen to her message.

  7. I say this with no malice.
    If a bit of rough language causes you to go weak in the knees, you probably better get a visa to another country and stay there. You are not going make it through what comes next
    The trajectory this country is on is known and it’s going to hideous.

  8. El Borak on August 3, 2019 at 9:52 pm,
    Maybe it was a different Tina? I don’t recall asking that, however it sounds interesting & I will note the question if I ever pick up Old English history again. Thanks 🙂

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