Springfield Armory Saint

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Big news.

Springfield Armory just announced The Saint. It is Springfield’s first AR-15. We at Men of the West are officially interested.  Very interested.  The Saint has the specs of a very nice AR, with Bravo Company furniture, a chrome-moly barrel and more.  Now lets hope they make one in .308.
More info can be found here.


      • I am not a huge fan of the AR-15 in general. I have my old Garand and an American-made AK, as well as a personal sidearm and a set of hunting pieces, but call me burned by the m16a1… I have never trusted AR-15 derivatives since.

  1. The Saint looks like a solid entry in the market. More choices that correspond to different price points let more people get steel in their hands.

    • hey.. its a chrome-moly barrel and it has Bravo Company furniture and a bunch of nickle-boron treated do dads. This is a couple steps down from the Spikes Tactical rigs i build and its about the same price that it costs me to build them. Not bad.

    • if your free floated barrel mechanism were to take a hit from a 7.62 round (or fall off your truck and get damaged) can you machine a replacement? Serious question.. if you can, awesome. I tend to worry about repairs if the fit hits the shan.

      • I don’t think any rifle is going to take a hit from a 7.62 and live to fight again without a lot of work. but anyway you can get a free float handguard for like 99 bucks. because its just a handguard you can change it out with any AR15 handguard. so if something happens you just pull the guard off of the rifle laying next to that dead guy in the blue helmet.

  2. It looks like an average rifle for an average price. Nothing I’d get excited about. These days most companies fielding ARs are mostly an exercise in cost/part sourcing.

    • average ARs are not gas operated. They don’t have nickle-boron treated trigger groups. They don’t have chrome-moly barrels. its a lot of rifle for the money. That’s why its interesting.it compares favorably to the Ruger for example. we’ll see what the real world price difference is.

      • What do you mean by “Average ARs are not gas operated”? It’s a DI system just like 90% of ARs ever built. As to a mil-spec trigger, I’d rather have a an ALG.
        I’ll give them credit for price-point engineering, but if you’re in to ARs it isn’t for you. They’ll probably sell a lot of them.

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