Stand Fast, Men of the West

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One of the biggest changes resulting from Trump’s election has been the exposure of sex rings, especially the pedophilia rings preying on children.
Arrests have been made, some of which have splashed across the news before sinking out of sight as the media chased after the next shiny bauble distracting them.
The latest news is a group of US Veterans have found a camp used for child trafficking.

US Veterans Uncover Underground Bunker Possibly Used for Child Trafficking Camp In Arizona

Now, this next link is trying to uncover dirt and connect the dots. Some of their conclusions are going to be wrong. Don’t let the mistakes overshadow the truth. Here it is.
Trump’s election is exposing this foul nest of predators. This is why there’s been a full-court press against him, not because the man ran as Republican, or at least not only because of that, but because the high and mighty are up to their slimy souls in this, and they are afraid.
The enemy will not take this quietly. They’ve invested too much of themselves into this degeneracy. Roseanne Barr’s loss is just a warning shot. They are telling anyone who is listening that if you support Trump, they will come after you, no matter how high up you are in the food chain. Barr’s show was raking in the cash like it was printing money. It didn’t matter.
As their sins and evil actions are exposed more and more, the backlash will increase. This is 4th generation warfare, so expect it to bubble up in different places like Antifa who are training to kill, and the court systems which will keep opposing things that don’t seem related just to cause conflict and create distractions.
The globohomo agenda will be pushed into every aspect of life, school, churches, incessantly into media and companies. We’re going to see the same playbook used in America as it was in the Soviet Union and China. They will try to force people to celebrate every deviant action, every twisting of God’s law, every damnable lie they want you to believe. Partly because they believe the time is ripe to seize control, partly because they fear that window is closing.
Whenever the media derides these stories of child sex trafficking, like they did with PizzaGate, you know the story is hitting close to the truth.
All this is interrelated because the author behind it all is the same being and he has labored since the beginning to drag men’s souls into Hell.
So what to do?
Stand fast, Men of the West.
Support groups like “Veterans on Patrol”. Spread their information. Stand for the truth. If you can, do your own research and recon. Protect your family. Read the scriptures. Pray often. You never know when you’ll be in the right place at the right time to strike a blow for Heaven’s sake.
We’re made for this battle. We’ve been forged to withstand the chaff and the attacks and the lies that will come toward us. We’ve been trained to handle media wars. Do you think GamerGate was a mere nerd squabble? It was a proving ground for media-based 4th gen meme-warfare. The lessons learned will be applied by both sides. Learn them now so you can use those tactics.
If this all seems too much, don’t let it overwhelm you. Focus on what you can do, even if it’s just reposting information.
We know who our Lord is and we’ve read His book. We know how this ends. And though some will fall, some will give their very lives, some will be broken, we will salute those and press onward. Battles will be lost, but never doubt that in the end, we will win this war because we know the final victory will be Christ’s.
Stand fast, Men of the West, and press forward.


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