Everyone who regularly reads here knows that we actively support Castalia House and several other ventures. These sorts of entrepreneurial endeavors are keys to rebuilding Western Civilization. So you can imagine our attitude at learning that CH is currently under attack by no less than Amazon. Of course, this is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last, but if you are one of the folks who have used Amazon to purchase CH books, we have some things you could be doing to help.  Here are two links (in addition to the link above) that explain what is going on.

Amazon Takes Down Castalia House

Lies, Lies, Lies

Here are some things you can do (lifted from the links above):

1. If you want to send an email to Amazon protesting their unwarranted removal of your books, please feel free to do so.

2.  Be sure to use the customer service chat so you can catch them lying on the record. Go ahead and email them to us, these exchanges could prove useful if Amazon is inclined to get defensive and stonewall instead of simply rectifying the situation.


You can read even more in the comments to the blog posts linked above, but we encourage you, if you are so minded, to get involved in this, and let Amazon know what you think about this. Many are already dropping their Amazon KU accounts and more in protest. The more that this gets spread far and wide, the better. Feel free to tweet, post on FB, or on your own blogs. Share it with others. The more people who raise their voices, the better.