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Just a reminder that we do have merchandise: shirts, hats, patches, and mugs. Everything except the mugs are found at Crypto.Fashion, and we do encourage you (after you buy some MOTW shirts and stuff) to peruse their other products. They have great stuff.

The mugs are found on another site, so there are two links. We are sometimes asked about the origins of the “You Ain’t Got No Chili” mugs, so we share the original story. (It is the comment by our MOTW author, El Borak).
In any event, if you are looking for shirts, hats, patches, or mugs, give the MOTW merchandise a look.

You can find the links on the front page, as well, on the right side of the page, where it looks like this:

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  1. And to think, I was reading VP pretty much daily at that point and somehow managed to totally miss the reference. Anyway, thanks for the explanatory link. Truly, you have much chili.

  2. I wasn’t a regular reader on VP yet, at that time. Thanks for the explanatory link; oh, I had a great laugh at that. It sounds like something my daughter would also have done, right down to the reasoning.

  3. For both of y’all, and this is even better, if you scroll up 3 comments before El Borak’s comment, you will see Nate post the video for “The Train is Fine.” This is the first time it was ever shared/used at VP. So we have two classics in 4 posts.

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