Suppressor Freedom – Something You Can Do

February 20, 2017
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Men of the West, it’s time to answer the call. The Alt right is an offensive strategy so let’s play some offense. Here’s how we do it. At this moment there’s a bill in Congress to remove suppressors from the National Firearms Act. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. The bill would eliminate the $200 transfer tax for suppressors and treat anyone who possesses one as meeting the requirements of the National Firearms act.
Suppressors aren’t the big evil scary things the left leaning media would have you believe. In jolly old England, one of the most restrictive countries in the world, there are no restrictions on suppressors.
A suppressor works by holding back and diverting the high pressure gasses that would come out the muzzle of a firearm. The gases are cooled, resulting in a smaller volume and released more slowly, resulting in less blast. The noise reduction depends on the suppressor but it’s roughly 25-30 decibels. Or roughly the same as a pair of earmuffs.
The suppressor doesn’t make a gun silent, except in certain situations. Rather it makes the gun quiet enough that it won’t damage your hearing as much. My wife thinks I’m deaf, and quite frankly, I can notice the loss of hearing. Millions of Americans are in the same boat.
If you use subsonic ammunition, the gun can be made nearly silent. Most people aren’t going to want to use it, because it requires heavy slow moving bullets. Effective range is reduced. Reality isn’t like the movies, for the most part.
Suppressors are big and clunky, often adding 8 inches in length to the barrel. This doesn’t make a pistol easy to handle or conceal. Your average gang banger won’t turn into a silent assassin. The better suppressors can cost more than the gun.
In my opinion, the Hearing Protection Act is a good thing.  I believe President Trump will sign it if it is passed. So get ahold of your representatives and ask them to vote for it or, better yet, become a sponsor. Remind them that the midterm elections are up and we are done with do-nothing Republicans. Your vote depends on what they do.
So pick up the phone, or write an email. Ask them how they are coming on repealing Obamacare. Let them know you want action on abortion.
We have the House, the Senate, the President, and soon, the Supreme Court. It is time to find out if they are any use to us, or if we will have to find another way around. But let’s try every avenue open to us.


  1. Suppressors NOW!
    It is beyond idiotic that gun enthusiasts saw away at our hearing over time. Sound carries into the inner ear via not JUST the ear canal but also the bones of the face. Want to know how much?
    Just try (once, I warn you) shooting something centerfire with your mouth open. OUCH! It hurts the ears even when you’re wearing muffs and plugs together (which is what I do.)
    I live in a state that still prohibits them. How I detest the demons who rise to rule.

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