The Boer and the Bore

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Sometimes, reality delivers something so perfect on a silver platter that you can’t believe it.

This video is one of those.

Masculine West meets Effeminate West.  

The BBC soyboy is so far out of his league that he should crawl under a rock and stay there. The BBC calls this ‘disturbing’ because they are spineless Marxists.

Watch and learn.



  1. Looks like old Eugene Terreblanche . He died twp years after the interview. He personified old Boer values.

  2. My great-grandfather was a railroad man in Pretoria during the Boer war. He and his men refused to run the trains for the British army so they were deported by force back to the Netherlands. He had met and married his wife there, and they had an infant daughter (my father’s mother) when it happened. Needless to say they despised the British. I have his fascinating handwritten account of the whole thing.

    • That is fantastic that you have his personal account. Have you ever had it transcribed? That sounds like a book that needs to be in print.

      • The family has copies of the original, but It has not been transcribed. I should do that and get it into electronic format. Haven’t read it in years, but it tells his whole life story from being a child in Holland to living in South Africa and eventually settling in the USA. I bet you’re right, people probably would enjoy reading it.

  3. The most “disturbing” thing about the video is how many men are as feminized as the interviewer.

    • Old Eugene was full of piss and vinegar. The BBC weakling didn’t have a clue on how to actually do an interview, all he ended up doing was showing off just how weak of manling he was.

  4. Regardless of the faggy BBC guy, Eugene was a fucking retard.
    I lived in SA at the time and the whole AWB made the current day Alt-Retards and Alt-White look like genial luminaries.

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