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There are a couple of urgent items on the gun control front that need your attention.
First, the Fix NICS bill. The current NICS system is a disaster. The Fix NICS amendment to the National Concealed Carry bill will make it worse. Watch the following video, and get ahold of your representatives.  This GOA article explains how. DO IT.

Second, the ATF is taking a second look at rate altering devices. This pertains to bump fire stocks, binary triggers, hand cranked trigger pullers, etc. They have already determined that they are legal. The law is very explicit in what exactly is banned, and these devices are not. Now, they are going to take a second look at it, and put their gun banning glasses on, and somehow find that the law has changed in the last few years. An Agency willing to ignore the law like this is very dangerous, and we should call them on it. You can, and should, leave comment for the BATFE on this issue.
I am unaware of the NRA’s position on these issues. I decided long ago that they don’t speak for me on issues of gun rights. They may well be willing to let Fix NICS pass as a compromise for national concealed carry reciprocity. They have stated that they are fine with the ATF re-evaluating bump stocks.  Perhaps they trust the ATF will read the law correctly, again. Perhaps they intend to sue if they don’t. Perhaps they just wanted to keep Congress from taking action. But keep in mind, the NRA has always been willing to compromise, and they help write most federal gun control laws. Their strategy seems to be one of damage control. They may not be willing to go to bat for bump stocks at all.
The only no compromise Gun Rights organization is Gun Owners of America. They fight. They will not compromise, and if you care about Second Amendment rights you must support them. Become a member today.


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