Today, there is a good chance I am gonna hurt your feelings.  I’m gonna tell you something that most folks are just too nice to say.  See, familiarity is something that’s very comforting to us, and comfort breeds confidence, which often breeds success.  At some point though, you’re clinging simply to that comfort.  You get lazy.  You get stuck in a rut, and before you know it, you’ve missed the present, and the future is about to hit you with a hay-maker.

But it’s time we faced reality, people.  It’s time to put your .30-30 away.  Its time to put your .303 Enfield away…  and yes…  it’s time to put your .30-06 away.

These are outdated curiosities.  They are not proper modern hunting cartridges.  There is literally nothing the .30-06 does that a 7mm mag doesn’t do significantly better.

I’m not saying you should throw out your old guns.  I’m not saying you should throw out your newer guns that are chambered in these.  I’m saying you shouldn’t be buying additional weapons in these, when there are better options available.

Compare a 7mm mag to a .30-06.  Velocity wise you’re looking at 200fps difference for common North American game sized bullets, at least in factory loads.  And the 300 win mag?  Well, it’s not even close.  I mean it’s a whole different sport practically.  A .30-06 is pushing a 150 grain bullet around at about 2900 fps.  A 7mm mag pushes that same bullet about 3100 fps.   A 300 win mag throws a 165 grain bullet out at over 3200 fps.

Oh, but it isn’t fair, says you!   Those are magnums!

So what?  The .30-06 is a long action round.  It’s practically the same size, in terms of length, as the 300 win mag.  Sit them side by side, and you would think they are extremely similar.  But they aren’t.  Because one was designed in 1906, and the other was designed in 1963.

But that isn’t even the most damning comparison.  No, the absolute proof that the .30-06 is obsolete is the .308.

.30-06 performance out of a short action?

Why would you bother with a long action throw?  Why does the .30-06 do so little, with so much case capacity?

Well, because it was designed in 1906.  That’s why.

Now, I know you’re going to be upset, and you’re going to come up with all kinds of reasons why your beloved .30-06 is still just as good as it ever was.  Hey the .30-30 killed dear for over 100 years!  And I know, I know… most shots are taken from under 200 yards right?  It’s ok.  Let it out.

Tell ya what: Keep your .30-06 and enjoy shooting it.

Just don’t buy more.

They don’t have .30-06 in cowboy action shooting.  So I suppose you’ll have to come up with some other excuse to live in the past.