Times are Changing

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For this article, I will do something that I most likely will not do again. I will link to a CNN article. There are two reasons why I will provide this link.
First, for the context. On Wednesday, January 11, President-Elect Donald Trump held a press conference. For all the policy and other content, it became known for Trump’s interaction with CNN reporter, Jim Acosta. The short version is that Acosta tried to ask a question, but was refused. Trump proclaimed that CNN was “fake news.” So how does CNN respond? They post this article. Note the title:

How did President-elect Trump handle press conference? Nailed it

That’s right. The very network that was put into its place admits that Trump was successful. Sure, they threw in a few lines about Trump being “unpresidential” or “misleading.” Regardless, they have no choice but to state the obvious: Trump did a wonderful job.
trumpsterSecond, the article points out that Trump does have an agenda, and he presents it compellingly. They willingly acknowledge that the public is ready for this kind of a president. The thrust of the article is that Trump is speaking to the American people in a way that has not been seen for a long time, and the people are loving it.
Mind you, this is CNN writing for the CNN audience. Neither is Trump’s base. This is the other side talking to itself and realizing that they have lost the narrative. It is as if they have gotten a glimpse of the future and realize that they are not a part of it. If CNN is to survive, it must change, and they know it. They don’t like it, and they may well not change, but if not, their end is nigh.
Another leftist news organization, CBS, also presented a look at the press conference, focusing only on the content. No leftist spin. No “Trump is a monster.” Just a look at what Trump said about various topics. When addressing the tense dialogue between Trump and Acosta, CBS made no judgments. They just reported what happened – you know, the way news organizations should. This is the network of noted leftists Cronkite and Rather. They also seem to be aware of the changing times.
Yes, my friends, Trump has changed the narrative. It is no longer going to be unfashionable to disagree with the leftists. While I am confident that these Cultural Marxists will continue to present their false agenda, and I have no illusions that they have been dissuaded from their evil goals, the reality is that there are cracks in their armor, and Trump is exploiting them.
This is a good thing. Times are changing.

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  1. I predict the ‘news’ will start reporting all the data on the economy that they have been ignoring for the past few years to help Obama look better, like how bad the actual unemployment number is and how the job creation numbers have to be much higher to keep up with retirement and death.

  2. After 60 years of monopolized media I do not approve of speaking favorably of the jewMSM, except to point out, as you have indicated, their attempts to curry favor.
    Subjectively, most of us in the public feel that good changes are in store. They have not firmly happened yet, and we should view with suspicion the idea that a major permanent shift in our favor is underway – until it becomes objectively clear that such is the case.
    Even then there should be no forgiveness for past or future (((media))) betrayals, by MSM nor the networks of leftists who have received assistance and succor from their intentional lies and mal-reporting, together creating and using slanted “facts” in order to mislead and repetitively indoctrinate the captive public. All of these networks and media, and those behind them, deserve burial – without resurrection!

  3. Trump grabbed the Overton Window and dragged it over to where it provides a better view for America than ever before.

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