Transgender "Boy" wins State Girls Wrestling Championship

February 28, 2017
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Firstly, a girl hopped up on male hormones is not a boy. Leftists as always, are enemies of truth. A Man of the West has nothing to fear from the truth. No matter hold badly a person wants to, you cannot become a member of the opposite sex.  Perhaps someday we will develop such technology. I hope not. The girl can claim to be a boy, but what is the truth of the matter?

Secondly, an athlete should not be able to compete while using performance enhancing drugs. Male hormones qualify, even when taken by males. It is especially so when taken by a female. Equality is not something we strive for in competition. You bring what you were born with. We don’t allow short people to play basketball on stilts, and we don’t allow people to cheat by taking performance enhancing drugs.
Thirdly, just because a girl who takes substances in order to pretend to be a boy can’t wrestle against the boys, it doesn’t mean she should be allowed to wrestle against the girls. She’s taking drugs that enhance her ability. Disqualify her. She simply should not be eligible for sports when she’s taking drugs. Again we see that when liberals choose a cause to be the cause de jour, all other leftist causes must take a back seat. Today’s pet cause is transgenderism. Feminism must take a back seat. The girls who competed honestly were cheated out of a championship by a person taking drugs but they’d better be quiet or risk being called bigots.


  1. I want to know why our society has girls wrestling to begin with? Start the debate there. If you don’t start there you are ceding ground to the left and have already lost the argument that men and women are not exactly equal.

    • Yes. That is important. This is one of those topics that we can enter where we are, as this article does, and attack in both directions.

    • Different people like different things. A girl wanting to wrestle is unusual, but but absurd, and more than a boy liking to cook. IMHO, if there are enough girls to make a wrestling team, fine. IIRC, the women of Sparta had physical competitions when the men were off to war, though it was more typically things like jumping rather than contact.
      But I think the proper approach is one that the left often uses: fairness, and the “needs of the many.”
      Would it be “fair” to bar transgendered from competing in sports that are sex-segregated? Arguably, no, not to that one individual in question. But when a person like this wrestles, it is ALSO unfair to all their opponents, and all their team-mates. If an ordinary XY male wrestler beats a XX transgendered competitor, he earns a win that has an asterisk (even if it’s not officially present) because he “beat a girl.” A win without honor. If he loses to a person pumped up on drugs/hormones… well, that’s more than a little problematic, too. A loss for the team, and one with a built-in excuse to foster resentment and anger, especially if that handful of points loses the math for the whole team. Going the other way, a XY male transitioning to female is at a disadvantage against other males, but a serious advantage against females, so again it’s not fair to all the opponents on the mat.
      I feel sorry for people so confused / mentally ill that they do not like the body they were born into so much that they demand modern medicine change it to their inner image of themselves. But making everyone else suffer simply compounds the tragedy.
      WRT bathrooms: you go into the one your plumbing dictates, but with a no-harm-no-foul clause; that is, if you look, act, and dress like a woman but you have external plumbing because you are an XY man, then you are supposed to use the mens room, but if you use the ladies room to take a powder and nobody knows because you are appropriately discreet (i.e. no harm), then nobody cares (no foul). If you do something inappropriate, then there is a harm, so you get called for the foul you committed with your acts. Schools can add or allow unisex ada-compatible bathrooms with a single toilet and locking for all “sensitive” kids (those with medical needs, transgendered, any medically appropriate need, visiting parents with very small kids (i.e., the “family bathroom”).

      • “But making everyone else suffer simply compounds the tragedy.”
        I’d say that was the entire point of all this. The Leftists use these people/issues as pawns to inflict damage and sow disorder throughout society. Progressives do not want stabilizing influences, which is why they want to import Muslims instead of Boers.

  2. This article is false. This girl won he boys state title. Not the girls. If you are going to write about something at least be right about it. I’m no fan of trans freaks but at least don’t be an idiot about what you write.

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