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She might not be as well-known or flashy as her older half-siblings. She might not garner the attention that her little half-brother gets. Say what you want, though, Tiffany Trump is the only one of President Donald Trump’s children who has two natural-born American parents.

All of the others have mothers who were born in other countries. Only Tiffany can point to a maternal line that has roots in the United States. Her mother, Marla Maples, hails from Georgia.

She is proficient in using Social Media, once considered becoming a singer (even releasing a single), and has never caused any sort of scandal for her father.

Think about that last point. She is the forgotten child. She is the one that almost no one thinks about. Usually, those children tend to cause problems, do stupid things, and embarass their parents, just to get some attention. Tiffany has not done that. She is living her life, and not seeking extraordinary attention.

In addition, while much of the citizenry of this great country falls into the obese category, Tiffany showed that she is able to overcome it. It seems that she had gained a few pounds, but she has enough willpower to push away from the carbs, as more recent public outings show a slimmed down Tiffany. Good for her. She is able to do something that many Americans cannot.

Tiffany would fit in with the rest of her extended family in the Trump lineage. Tiffany 2024!

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