Too many organizations get started with noble intentions, do some good things, and then get bogged down in their bloated and expanding activities. New programs get started, but never get cut, even if the program is unsuccessful. I have a general rule about conferences, for example, that says if it is the “4th annual” or older (meaning, not in the first three years of the conference’s existence), then it is probably only existing to propagate itself, not the original cause/purpose.

So we can see Washington, D.C., where the federal government has been expanding and bloating for decades. More and more jobs/positions have been created over the years, and many of them are absolutely superfluous or unnecessary. Yet President after President continues to fill them.

Until now.

It is nice and refreshing to have a President that refuses to play along. It is long past time that Washington D.C. was cleaned out. Dead wood needs to be chopped. Tumors need to be excised. And most jobs in the capital city need to be done away with.

So, consider this my hat tip to President Trump. Nice job, sir.