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One of our other writers posted on Truth yesterday, and it is worth your time. I want to delve into one aspect he raised.
We live in a world that has forgotten what truth is. I suppose that is not entirely correct, as the real issue is that folks have forgotten the difference between objective and subjective truth. They have conflated the two different things – and they are definitely different. In response, folks that recognize the difference have often gone too far in the other direction and act as if subjective truth doesn’t exist, though it certainly does.
So, let’s clarify what we mean by these two terms. First – Objective Truth.
Something that is true by nature, regardless of opinion or feelings, is objectively true. For example, if I say 2+2=4, then I have provided a correct answer. If I say 2+2=yellow, then I have given a wrong answer. Anything besides “4”  is simply wrong. It is objectively true. It does not matter what I think about that answer. I can like it or not like it, but that does not matter one whit as to its correctness. It is by nature, the correct answer.
truthjohn-2Now, that is a simple example. So we can consider something more involved. God exists. Now, the answer to this is either “yes” or “no.” Only one can be correct. It does not matter what we might think about it. We can like it or we can hate it, but if God does exist, then no matter our personal opinion, He exists. If you believe the answer to be “no,” and God does exist, then you are simply wrong (the converse, is also true – if He does not exist, then no matter your feelings, if you say “yes,” then you are wrong). I do believe God exists. If you disagree, then one of us is wrong. We cannot fall back on the modern failure in logic to say “well, God may exist for you, but for me he does not.” That just does not make any sense.
Next, let’s consider Subjective Truth.
Here, we are allowed some personal input into what is right and wrong. For example, if I say, “Green Beans taste terrible,” you may agree or not. My wife certainly does not. I hate them; she loves them. So who is correct? We both are. In this case, there is no objectively correct answer. Here, the correct answer is based upon the personal thoughts, feelings, and/or beliefs of the person making the decision. So I am absolutely correct that Green Beans are vile, but at the same time, my wife is absolutely correct that they are wonderful. How can this be? Because Green Beans are, by nature, neither wonderful nor vile. They are just Green Beans. Our personal opinion is sufficient to assign value (or lack thereof).
So Objective Truth and Subjective Truth both exist. Our problem is when we confuse them. In our modern world, too many folks try to treat Subjective Truth as Objective Truth. We cannot do that.
Bruce Jenner is a man. He can “feel” or “believe” that he is Caitlyn, a woman, but he is just wrong. He is, Objectively, a man. His Subjective opinion is irrelevant. Here is a method to test this fact. I will do it right now, as I type….
Subjective Opinion:  I am a millionaire. In fact, I am a multimillionaire. My bank account has lots of zeros before the decimal point.
<I am checking my bank account balance>
Objective Reality: I am not even close to being a millionaire. My desire for money to just appear was nothing but a whim. It changed nothing.
We can say lots of things, but if something is objectively true, then it would behoove us to accept its reality. If something is subjective, then realize that it might be true for you, but not for others, as it has no internal, natural truth. In fact, it is just an opinion. Don’t get them confused.

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    • Heck, I did not even address flat out lying. I was just talking about confusion between objectivity and subjectivity. Government and media tend to just lie. There is no truth in them at all.

  1. Tell your wife to leave the green beans in the pot a little longer, and to add some hamhocks.
    And don’t get your hamhocks from a hog that thinks it’s a sow.

    • Thanks. I have had them every way possible and they still suck. Too many good things out there to waste time trying green beans again.

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