Twerking for a Protest is Not Twerking for Me

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NSFW: USA: LGBT activists twerk their way across Washington D.C.
Trust me, you don’t need to see that video unless you like to throw up. [ Editor’s Note: We usually embed the videos, but in this case, we will just leave the link].
At least they’re not throwing bricks through windows or tossing firecrackers in this one.
Protesters “marched” from the White House to the Trump Hotel in Washington, D. C. to protest against President Trump’s stance on LGBT issues, transgender rights, and the environment. I’m pretty sure they think any attention is good attention.
In reality, evoking a “WTF?” response from your opponents isn’t what you want to do. I’ve been called a concern troll in the past for pointing out that in the civil rights movement, for the lunch counter sit-ins, there was someone there who could immediately rectify the reason for the sit-in—the cook. He could serve the people occupying the lunch counter, and then they would have no reason to stay there.
In similar terms, those who marched on Washington with Martin Luther King, Jr. (ignoring that he definitely had his personal failures and paying attention to the public message and image he was projecting) could be taken seriously. You can imagine them saying, “We want the to be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. Change the laws so that we are.” Part of their power was the strength in numbers, filling up the western part of the Mall with people who were saying, “We are people too, and deserve the same rights as all people do. Isn’t that what is written about in the Declaration of Independence?” They appealed to the sense of normalcy and decency that people have.
The people in the “Twerk March,” though, call attention to themselves with the outrageousness of their behavior. These marchers are saying, “We’re here, we’re queer, and we want to destroy change the society we live in by announcing our proclivities and demanding you call them good.” It’s a recipe for undermining the foundations of any civilization and eventually causing its fall.
A friend said, “FFS.” [Editor’s Note: FFS means “For F*ck’s Sake”]. Alas, I think it may be the only sake they can understand.


    • It’s all explained by r/K theory. They’re rabbits, plain and simple. Degenerate, perverted rabbits.

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