Video: Kenneth Clark's Civilisation, Part 4 – Man The Measure Of All Things

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  1. I liked the music and his measured voice. It reminded me of the sort of doco we watched as a family back in the day. With the passage of time, his closing remarks on the belief in “the individual ” strike me not so much as a summary of western civ but a product of Clarke’s time and utterly useless to the continuation of western civ. Unless we see ourselves as a community of inheritors whose joint task is to preserve and further our heritage ( western civ) we are doomed. I can see how, in the luxurious warm, rich, white European bedding of his time he saw ” individualism” ( I suppose he means the genius of certain individuals ) as somehow existing isolated from the surrounding nurture and nutrient of western civ. But is isn’t, it can only occur in that matrix. Still, how wonderful to luxuriate in slow minutes of golden age architecture, art and music. Why aren’t docos like this any more? Sister Wendy, where are you?

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