Video: The Mystery Of The Origin Of Life

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  1. As a recently retired scientist, I can testify that this guy’s lecture is spot-on. Another example: When cells make proteins (which they do in great variety and abundance), the molecule is made in a straight line, line pop-beads. Then the protein has to fold up to achieve its final shape. The unfolded protein is useless. If one calculates the time it would take to fold even a simple protein like hemoglobin, in a random fashion, the duration of the folding process approaches the lifetime of the universe. And so I ask the question, “all of these myriad life processes just happened spontaneously?”.

    • Tour is a pretty well-respected scientist, so it is nice to get some confirmation from other scientists.

  2. I need to watch the whole thing, but to summarize: Biologists are horrible at math. Maybe even worse at it than Marxists.

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