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Men of the West are readers. There is simply no reason for any real man to avoid reading good books. Certainly, each person may like particular genres and not others. That is fine. There is no requirement to read specific books, besides the Bible. That is one book that all Men of the West should be reading on a daily basis.
But for other reading, the sky is the limit. Now, I know some folks like to make excuses for why they don’t read, and that is certainly their right, but understand that if you want to be successful, you will read. And you will read alot. Even the Huffington Post has pointed this out recently. (Don’t worry, I linked an archived version of the article, so you don’t have to worry about bumping up their numbers by clicking on it).
Personally, I love reading History (to include biography, non-fiction, military philosophy, etc.), Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classic Literature, and often, just plain old fun books. Not everything I read is “Great Literature,” as some books are what I like to call “popcorn” reading. They are just fun stuff to read (I like Clive Cussler, Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, and others like that).
One important consideration, when it comes to buying books, is who are we supporting with our money? Are we buying from companies that are acting in ways contrary to the culture that Men of the West are hoping to restore? If you have paid attention over the last few years, you will know that this is a big deal, and many of the mainstream publishers are hardcore leftists. Just over two  years ago, Vox Day called for a boycott of Tor Books, as an example. We do not want to support those who oppose us.
So if you are just dying to read a Tor book (and they do have some good authors, like John C. Wright, who Men of the West think is one of the best of the current crop of writers), then maybe you can buy the books used.
Even better, try to buy books from publishers that are more aligned to our world view.
Try buying books from Castalia House. You can find their books on Amazon, as well.  They have a wide variety of genres, from SF/F to Westerns, Military Strategy to Gardening. They produce eBooks, hard copies, and audio books. Not only will you be supporting an organization with a proper world view, but the stories are great, too. Some of the best writing over the past few years has been produced by this group. An added bonus: Most of John C. Wright’s most recent work has been published by CH. You will not be disappointed.
At the same time, CH is not the only good publisher out there. Have you heard of Superversive Press? You can find their stuff on Amazon, too. Their products, to date, are primarily in the SF/F genre, but there will be other works coming out from other genres. They recently published Jon Del Arroz’s excellent Steampunk novel, For Steam and Country.
Do you like comics? Have you heard of Alt★Hero? You can help support this new endeavor here.  Even if you no longer read comics, you might have kids that do. Wouldn’t it be nice to have comics that present real heroes and villains that fit into the archetypes of Western Culture? DC and Marvel certainly fail in that regard these days.
UPDATED: Based on a recommendation in the comments, I checked out Silver Empire, and would highly recommend them, as well.
Look, to be successful, you need to be reading. Since we are going to be reading anyway, why not support those who advance our own viewpoints? This allows them to continue to grow, attract more writers, and continue to pull Western Culture from the brink. Just to be clear: this website, Men of the West, is not affiliated with any of these other sites. Our site makes no money from your purchase of CH, Superversive, or Alt★Hero. We just support them (and buy lots of their books).
Men of the West – buy a good book and get to reading. It is one of the best things you can do. If you choose your books wisely, you will not only support good publishing houses, but learn something useful in the process. It is a win/win situation.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. Silver Empire also has some good stuff. Only about 3 novels right now, but they just released their first quarterly collection from their Lyonesse short story service.
    And mostly I’m reading a bunch of independent authors, with good chunks from your mentioned publishers and Silver Empire. But then, I review a lot of what I read on my blog, injusticegamer.

  2. Great article. It’s important to uphold and support art and literature (high and low) that speaks to us as men of the West. A few of my favorite authors (apart from the obvious ones like Tolkien and the aforementioned Vox Day):
    Larry Correia – Conservative gun nut published by the center right Baen Books. Monster Hunter International series is great fun.
    Quintus Curtius – Pagan translator of Latin works that has written extensively at Return of Kings. His translations of Cicero and Sallust are must reads.
    Jonathan Moeller – SF/F writer, author of the excellent Frostborn saga. It’s basically Arthurian fantasy with a bit of a Catholic tinge, though definitely suitable Christians of all stripes. Very easy reading, recommended for anyone who doesn’t consider themself a “reader” or anyone looking for some brain candy.
    Series like Frostborn and Monster Hunter International are a great alternative to degenerate TV shows, as they don’t require a ton of brain power but are not infested with poz propaganda. Happy reading gents!

    • Yes, the MH books are great. I have read them all (well, I have Siege, but have not yet read it). There are actually quite a few good writers at Baen.
      Thanks for the others.

  3. Just finished rereading some of the books in the Jack Aubry naval series by Patrick O’Brian. Many conservative and Christian principles and lessons hidden away in those wonderful books.
    And I’ve just begun Rollo Tomassi’s new book, Positive Masculinity.

    • Awesome. I actually have the whole Aubry series on my wishlist at Amazon, but have never read them. I will have to remedy that at some point.

  4. I recently finished reading Jon’s Trilogy by Dale Amidei. The three books are attention grabbers and exceptionally entertaining. Well researched, exceptionally written stories about contemporary terrorism realistically presenting the world we live in done in a style of writing so realistic and entertaining that it makes it quite difficult to put the book down. These novels enjoy almost entirely 5 star reviews. Start with The Anvil of the Craftsman. Enjoy. Once you finish this series the next one up is a series based on a female covert operator that is a fantastic compliment to Jon’s Trilogy. Boone’s File book 1 is the place to start. Absinthe and Choclate. This author knows how to grab your attention and entertain. Good stuff.

  5. For non English books:
    1) Arturo Reverente Perez Capital Alatriste series. It’s a series based on a real life person’s memoir during Spain’s Golden age.
    2) Els Ambaixadors: an alt history of the Catalan Republic set in 1949 and its secret agents have to prevent the Spanish from getting the bomb. A really fun and great thriller. I really hope the authour will write another one set at a later time.
    3) Tirant lo blanc: the book that Cervantes praised as the best chivalry book and is the first recognizable novel. In Catalan but a very good English translation exists by David or Nathaniel Rosenthal
    the Inspector Mascarell series available both in Spanish and Catalan. It’s about ex cop who’s a PI and set in the post war Barcelona. The mysteries are really good and the novels really capture the greyness of the period.
    4) Another series by the same authour available in both Spanish and Catalan also set in Barcelona but in the 60s with Hilari Soler as the cop from the regime. So far there are 3 books in the series but hopefully the authour will write more
    5) Strappo: a novel about how the Italians were basically robbing the old Romanic churches in Catalunya of their frescos to sell to museums in the late 19/early 20 century in Catalan
    6) El primer hero available in Spanish and Catalan it’s the story about a man’s domestication of the horse and the ensuing adventures he has with the horse.
    I think that’s a helpful list and might encourage visitors to consider books in other languages.

      • Theophratus,
        Thanks. I do highly recommend Tirant lo blanc. I took a look at the English translation and it’s very good and compares favourably to the Catalan edition.
        I don’t know if the English translation is still sold but I suppose it can be found in libraries and at ABEbooks.

  6. Dudley Pope, Douglas Reeman (also wrote as Alexander Kent) for naval fiction.
    Brad Taylor, James Rollins for thrillers.
    WEB Griffin.

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