What Is Wrong With America?

November 1, 2016
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Is it not the question of our age? What is wrong with America? It is a question asked by liberals and libertarians. Republicans, Democrats, and the confused independents as well. We as a nation can tell something is wrong, but we just can’t put our finger on what it is.

What is wrong with America?

I am.

Our Federal Government is broken. Our Judicial System is broken. Our law enforcement system is broken. Our state governments are broken. Our cities and towns are broken.  Our churches are broken. And none of that is actually the problem. The real problem with America… is that our homes are broken. And that starts with me.

In their long evil march to destroy America, the Progressives started by attacking the home. They knew the keystone of any civilization or culture is the nuclear family, and they put their sights right on the heart of the American family.

They started by deformalizing home life. For example, do you know why we call them Funeral Parlors? It’s an odd name isn’t it?  See, in the late 1800s almost all American homes had a parlor in them. It was a place for formal gathering. Everything truly important happened in the parlor. It was the custom for Americans to have their loved ones lie in state in their own parlor. One of the first targets the Progressives hit was the American parlor. They worked to replace it, and succeeded. Odds are you don’t have a parlor in your house today. But I would bet you have a living room. See that? The name “living room” rings a bit differently now that you know that, doesn’t it?

The Progressives waged their war against our homes and our family life. They chipped away at the standards of behavior within the walls of our very homes. Who dresses for dinner anymore? But in 1890, even a poor family would never have tolerated a child showing up to the dinner table with uncombed hair, wearing pajamas. These standards, these traditions, are not trivial. They are not just stuffy rules that some authoritarian dreamed up to be a jerk. They are civilizational and cultural instinct. They are the practices that form and sustain a culture and civilization. So as they have been torn down, so has the civilization and culture.

Once our homes were changed, it was only a matter of time before everything changed. But if you think this is a defeatist message, you are mistaken. No. It could not be less so. Because as we look at all the problems of America and we ask ourselves, “What can I do?” I want you to know that you can save it all. You can fix it. All of it. Because you and I are what is wrong with America. Our homes are what is wrong.

Now, you can’t fix the federal government. You can’t fix the crime rates. You can’t fix the school system or the justice system.  You can’t fix any of that.  That isn’t under your control.

But your home is under your control. You can fix your home. And if you fix your home, and I fix my home, then all of these other problems? They fix themselves.

The battle is right in front of you. The war for civilization is your family.

Do not ask what is wrong with America.

Ask what is wrong with your home.

We’re all broken. All of us. But, by God, we are gonna fix this. We’re going to fix our homes. And we will do everything in our power to help you fix yours.


  1. “We’re all broken. All of us. But, by God, we are gonna fix this. We’re going to fix our homes. And we will do everything in our power to help you fix yours.”
    “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

  2. I hate that kind of formality. You have a good point, though. If we are going to fix our society it will only work from the bottom up and the top down. Families, led by fathers, led by Christ.

  3. There is peace and order in my home when we consistently eat supper together, we read his Word together, and pray together. Our den has a tv that is rarely used, and our “living room” is where we read and pray. Maybe it shall be our parlor from now on. The world is in chaos, but by the grace of God, my home shall be a place of refuge.

    • well done. Once our homes are in order… we’ll get our neighborhoods in order… then our towns… and then our cities… and soon enough the whole damn country will shape up.
      just like that.
      we will live to see it.

  4. For 8 years I have argued that WE abdicated our responsibilities – that the government we have is because we were not steadfast guardians the Founders understood were needed to ‘keep it’. So, yep, the problem I found was in the mirror.
    I don’t see my daughter very often, but we break bread every time we do get together and for her, family tradition is very important. She is in school (senior at University of California) but she is well grounded. For her, family first.

  5. The same could be said of our churches. Many protestants threw out the traditions and rituals of the church. Now we see that anything goes in our churches. It’s the traditions and rituals that taught us what we believe and showed us how to live it.

    • Conceded. Just remember… the same can be said of the Catholics. There is a reason the Great Schism happened. But again.. we acknowledge that our churches… all of our churches.. are broken.
      We’re working there too.

    • True. The Catholics have been invaded as well as have the Orthodox, but there are more widespread genuine remnants in Catholicism and Orthodoxy than I can see much at all in Protestantism.
      William Lane Craig however is a Protestant and one of the best exponents of Christianity. Have to take our brethren where we find them.

  6. Our parlors have been in a parlous state for generations now. I certainly don’t have one, my parents made a point of not having one, and my grandparents may have thought they needed one but the tv took over.
    Now no one knows where to store dead relatives. Which reminds me, we need to bring back family cemeteries as well.
    The most important step in establishing a parlor would be marrying a woman capable of maintaining a decent one. In this I wish you young men perseverance, diligence, and luck.

  7. What’s wrong with America? Here is your answer:
    “The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy – What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny”
    Published in 1997.
    Basically, the book says that about the time the people from the last big crisis period die out, then the subsequent generations living in the US become susceptible all over again to another big crisis: Civil war, depression and/or large war. The last crisis period went from 1925 to 1945, and the next one goes from 2005 to 2025.
    Crash = Time + Stability

  8. This is a pointed article, but a bit of a shallow one…
    HOW were our homes broken? How was it accomplished, how is it continuing to be accomplished, and what can we, as individuals and as groups, due to fix them? WHY were our homes broken? (actually that question could be the gist of an entire book)
    The simplest answer, last question first, as that the nuclear family is the distillation and the most powerful expression of our basic tribalism… In fact, it allows us to more-or-less sublimate our tribalism so that we can turn our energies to thinking of our nation-state as one extended Tribe… the largest possible tribe. Without that release of individualism, of the simple form of tribalism, of being able, as individuals, to follow our biological imperative of reproducing and caring for the next generation, anything but utter chaos on a larger scale is impossible. The Family is all-important, but it is small enough that we are capable of looking at the larger picture.
    The problem with this, among the neofeudalistic overlords, is that an attentive populace is a populace that is difficult to control… it is a populace from which springs challenges to their ultimate authority, upstarts that are capable of the upwards mobility that threatens to supplant THEIR small tribes. Thus it MUST be destroyed at all costs, leaving nothing for the plebes to turn for tribal support and belonging than the structure controlled by the neofeudal families themselves. Good little slaves get too brave when they are fighting for their children and know their family has their back.
    The first goal was to separate men from women. This was accomplished by the clever dodge of encouraging women to feel like the voting process, by which a man is head of the household and tends to vote in his family’s interests, into ‘universal suffrage’ whereby a man and a woman can vote, not as a family, but as individuals. This immediately threw a massive bar of conflict, and opened the doors of politics into the parlor itself.
    The next step, obviously, was to create even more dispute within the family and separate children from their parents. As always, the putative reasons seemed fine on their face… educate children, prevent child labor sweatshops… but in practice, the effect was to separate families. Children could no longer work with their parents during the day, truancy laws prevented it, and where the truancy laws fell off, child labor laws ensured that no child could observe his parents at work. This had the psychological effect of causing a massive loss of respect in the family as well, because children that did not work with their parents saw ‘daddy going to work’ and then ‘coming home’ divorced from their own experience of skull sweat… obviously daddy played at work and the children were expected to languish at school because daddy hates them.
    Added to this was the massive influx of previous mothers into the workforce after world war 2, and the neofeudalists were beside themselves… Mother and father were BOTH away from the children, effectively causing a complete split in the family unit. This was encouraged by feminism’s claims that women were SUPPOSED to be working as well as men, and were SUPPOSED to ‘live their own life’ while disparaging the horrors of having a family.
    But there were still a few families hanging in there despite the enormous separation. Obviously, more would have to be done to turn the population into self-contained drones that desperately looked to their leadership for EVERYTHING. Self-reliance is a sin… enter paranoid ‘child abuse’ laws where children could actually have their parents arrested with virtually no evidence, ‘violence against women’ acts where men could be jailed on the slightest pretext of conflict within the home, ‘no-fault divorce’ where a parent is encouraged to abandon family at a moment’s dissatisfaction…And now, Title IX laws, sexual harassment laws, ‘Gay marriage’ to wreck the concept of a family and replace it with a mere cohabitation agreement, and a million other ways to destroy a family with even the flimsiest excuse, mostly aimed at men, since they are the ones that lead households and are less likely to abandon a family upon which they count, and which passes on their legacy.
    ahh, the final bastion- Christianity. Christians still believed that men should lead their families, that marriage is important, that children and families should be loyal to each other, and that there is a greater authority… objective morality and god… that weakens their power base and still leaves room for those baseborn fools to exert their will as a group! That still leaves a wrinkle in the neofeudalist’s plans to turn our country into their private heaven, and so Christians must be altered, subverted, or expunged at all costs!
    That leaves us where we are now… The Christian churches have been almost entirely corrupted to accept all of the neoofeudalist’s decrees rather than doctrine. Women priests, gay congregations, atheists as church leaders… add in unparalleled support for immigrants that do not share our christian values and are separated from their own tribal support network, and the goal of a neofeudalistic Utopia is nearly complete!
    there are only two ways to fight this… the simple way, and the complicated way. The simple way, is, of course, a violent uprising. Anyone that does not believe such is close is truly fooling themselves. The more complex way is to slowly unspool all the changes that have destroyed the family. All of them. Even the ones that supposedly have pure aims, because they are used as a wedge to pry apart the family with even the loftiest goals.

  9. I explained precisely how it was broken and why it was broken. How we will fix it is also in there if you look… but there we ill be a separate post with practical specifics.
    the point of the column is to get the message out that the war is one that is waged in our homes.

    • And my point was that the war in our homes cannot even be fought without cutting off the supply lines to evil in the greater external culture.
      Unless you plan to move to a shanty in the middle of the Nevada desert, cut the cords on radio, television, and internet, and grow your own sulfa drugs.
      You cannot win a war without fighting the battles where they spring.

      • Again… you’re putting the cart before the horse. You’re talking about how to fight the battle. The point is to get the message out that there is battle. This is a wake up call. I assure you… tactics and strategy are forth-coming. An example of part of that is the piece on raising boys. The West needs masculinity to survive. We have to relearn how to raise masculine men.

        • Yes, we have to set the stage before we can start to act. This article explains the problem. Future articles will delve into particulars.

  10. Demographics are destiny, it’s that simple. Western civilization is heading for its twilight and observing antiquated formalities that few people probably practiced even in their heyday won’t reverse that. What you described are the results of a healthy culture, not the cause. I’m not going to bother wearing my best clothing to dinner when my culture is effectively indistinguishable from Sodom and Gomorrah.

  11. if you think your home is under your control, you should have a drink and a long conversation with brad pitt. you live in your home only at the whim of a woman who can have you thrown out of it any day she chooses, who can deprive you of your own children by merely speaking a sentence, who can commandeer 3/4 of your earnings by simply signing her name to a petitioner’s form. i am glad that you are speaking but you know not yet whereof you speak. you must think more and harder. as for raising boys to be men, there is no time left for that. you do not quite realize how late in the day it is. the men who are men today are the only men you will ever have for this battle. you are far too idealistic and abstract. look to deviousness and treachery. look to cleverness and deceit. your dagger must always be in search of an unguarded back, and it must work quickly and then walk quickly away.
    keep at this, but do not think it will be a pretty enterprise. the task requires ferocity and humility at the same time. our problems can no longer be solved with ink. nor is there time for niceties or ideals. prepare to be an inglorious bastard. if we are very lucky we may have 3 years; if we are less lucky it may be over in three weeks. good luck to you.

    • See, that’s my point exactly… it is ILLEGAL to raise your children well, to take control of your household, or even to be a good father.
      How are you supposed to start improving your home when at even a hint of discipline you can be shuffled off to jail? Hell, _I_ went to jail for almost a week for pulling a sandwich out of my 2 year old daughter’s hand when she was trying to turn our VCR into a grilled-cheese-sandwich machine for the sixth time. (No, I did not lay another finger on her, but I should have swatted her butt for it)
      Remonstrations to ‘start in the home’ are wonderful in theory, but in the real world it is simply impossible if you live in the United States or Europe. It is not our homes that must be changed first, it is the outside influences on our homes that must be addressed BEFORE we even have the freedom to try and restore sanity to our family.

    • Impossible.
      You are a coward. What you say is impossible is done every day. Every editor and author on this blog has a family and children. The entire editorial board is made up of married fathers with sons. They have been married on average for around 20 years.
      Stop being a pussy. You think we don’t know what stands against us?
      The whole world stands against us.
      Bring it on.

        • Right! Take responsibility for your home and family. This is the foundation of society. If that is not under control, then nothing is. That is what is wrong with America today. Too many of us have passed on our responsibilities, and rather than change ourselves, we are sitting around on the computer complaining.
          Fine. Complain, but then do something about it. Stop blaming others for your own failures. Change yourself and your family. The benefit will be tremendous personally and in your local community.
          We have homeschooled our children from the beginning, and others notice. They see my oldest getting scholarships to college. They see my other children’s behavior. In the past month, I have had two coworkers come to me for advice, saying they really appreciate my children, and so are considering homeschooling theirs.
          That is how it works. You make your home right and others notice and want to make those changes, too.

      • What a load of horseshit.
        What country do you live in? In THIS country, men are imprisoned and LOSE their families ALL the time. Hell, if this were not the rule, the red pill would be dead, Men’s rights groups would be unnoticeable, and Trump wouldn’t have had a chance at the presidency.
        But the fact is, REALLY men outside of your little circle of admirers are recognizing the problems… the problems that are being driven home to them. You call a desire not to watch your children grow up in ‘the system’ because your ass is in jail cowardice? Cowardice is refusing to face up to the reality that there are powerful forces in this country working against christianity, the family, and a coherent culture.
        It must be wonderful that everything is fine in your little podunk neck of the woods… That your children never called the cops on you because you made them do their homework, that your ex never accused you of molestation to increase her child support, but I lived in Maryland… and in Maryland, converged capitol of America, my first dose of red pill was watching my family changed from behind bars as I raised them the same way my father raised me.
        The idea that you can shed your responsibility to fight the source of evil by simply shielding your family from that evil is ‘cute’, but You really have no room to start calling people that want to take the fight to the enemy ‘cowards’.
        Those who live in a Nation of evil are forced to do evil to survive. No one was ever won a war by staying home, and make no mistake… this is war.

        • More pathetic crying. Listen pussy… mexicans are breeding. Kabab is breeding. The future belongs to whoever shows up for it. If you love whites then you better damn well go make some more whites and stop fucking crying about the situation. You think because we are not defeatist that we don’t know the challenges. That’s like telling the Allies that invading Normandy is impossible because all of defenses the Germans have.
          What you’re really saying is, “I’m scared. Its gonna be to hard! I might get hurt! I might fail!”
          You have two choices. You can get in the fight to save Western Civilization… or you complain about how those who are in the fight choose to fight it. Right now you’re just bitching.
          You can shoot at the enemy or you can shoot at us for shooting at the enemy wrong.
          Your choice.

        • Yes. It happens. But it sounds like you chose a bad woman to begin a family with. Which is why it’s all the more important to grab the reigns of our families and raise our children to see what real men are like, what good women are like. I’m sorry that this happened to you, but are you going to throw in the towel, or are you going to help combat this poison and help other men avoid it?

    • Same old bushit. People cry out for a leader. they cry out, “I Want to Make America Great Again! What do I do?”
      So you tell them what to do…and then they proceed to tell you why they can’t do it because its to hard.
      I mean you think unwinding 100 years of progressive bullshit is going to be easy?

      • It will take us the rest of our lives, and probably our son’s lives. So be it. It has to start, and we are going to do our best to make it happen.

  12. There was a very powerful article I remember reading in Chronicles once. The essence of it was that the problems with the West weren’t the fault of this or that fringe group of progressives, radicals or assorted haters. The problem was with white men. White men had failed at their duty to protect their civilization. Despite all the damage that has been done white men are still the majority of men in America. It’s their responsibility. It may be too late, but the fate of it all really does start at home, with the descendants of the men that built it in the first place.

  13. I think what druidhouse is suggesting is that we forego women and just form a human centipede of bro-hood. Take turns pitching and catching. But not in a gay way, just in a “women suck” way.

  14. I think what druidhouse is suggesting is that we forego women
    no, i’m not suggesting that at all. i’m saying that you have to go into the deal from a point of reality and with defenses in place to counter the fatal effects that will inevitably come your way. the boy scouts said it best, “be prepared”. just as correct now as it was a hundred years ago.
    So you tell them what to do…and then they proceed to tell you why they can’t do it because its to hard.
    no, not that either. i’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing. but tactics and strategy have to be very well thought out. i really don’t think we have the kind of time to start on such a small and personal scale. 50 years ago, yes. but today, with the totality of corruption in the government, the media, banking, and entertainment, it’s my opinion drastic measures are called for. this shit can’t go on for much longer. the 2008 housing crisis is still in effect and the u.s. economy is standing on a precipice. combine that with our government’s rabid determination to provoke russia into a first strike, and you have a situation that is unsustainable. this is an important thread. keep it going. our goals are the same, we’re on the same side.

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