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On September 17, we saw a masterful performance by Cory Lewandowski before the House Judiciary Committee. Of course, we know that the Dem-controlled House is going through sham hearings regarding a possible Trump impeachment. Though he agreed to come on his own, the committee issued a subpoena anyway. This led some some fantastic back and forth for several hours. I am going to share three different videos, of varying lengths, so you can get a taste, or watch the whole thing.
First, GA congressman, Rep. Doug Collins lambasted the whole proceedings. This is one of the “nicest” beat downs in congress in quite a long time. This video runs for a little less than 8 minutes, but is well worth your time.

Now, we get to Lewandowski’s actual testimony. I will put up a shorter option, covering his interactions with Chairman Nadler (D-NY). It goes for about 8 minutes, as well, and gives a good taste of the whole proceedings. You can see Lewandowski not only take their pot shots, but hit back. He refuses to play their game. He gives much better than he gets.

Finally, if you would like to watch the whole thing, here you go. It runs for over 5 1/2 hours. It is a masterful performance by Mr. Lewandowski. He takes on every single Dem questioner and takes no prisoners. He gives much better than he gets, taking their blows and then pointing out their true motivations, idiocy, and incompetence. This is how the Hard Right wins this battle, by not playing defense, but going on the offensive. We can learn from this man.

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