Beast Life: Roll Call

It’s been more than half a year since we started the Beast Life series. We have pretty much covered the gamut of exercises. And today I’m asking, “where are you? What have


We Have Many Enemies

Not all of them walk the halls of power or plot in desert tents. We also have home-grown lunatics. “Pennsylvania Supermarket Shooter Self-Identified as Transgender Woman Who Hated All Men“ This is


Sermon: Repentance

Editor’s Note: Alexander Campbell was a leading church reformer of the Second Great Awakening in America. Along with his father, Thomas, and Barton W. Stone, Campbell was a founder of the churches


Weeds, Immigration, and Culture

Editor’s Note: Written by Stephen Clay McGehee. Reposted with permission from The Southern Agrarian – Several years ago, in an effort to improve the quality of the soil in my garden, I bought a


Legalism ad absurdum

The Theological Ninja drops an interesting plumb line: Lots of people ask me, “Hey Ninja, how do you come to your conclusions about what’s proper to do in a worship service?” To

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