Rome Has Fallen

July 24, 2017
10 mins read

Editor’s Note: Here at MOTW, we come from a variety of Christian backgrounds, and so we obviously do not agree on every theological issue. At the same time, we encourage our writers to present their perspective on the topic about which they choose to write, and we publish them as they are submitted (only making minor editing changes). As long as the article is about Western Civilization/Culture, and advances the same, we allow them that leeway. Kurgan here addresses the Roman Catholic church, and while we know that many (most?) of our writers are not Roman Catholic, and even anti-Catholic, we should all remember that The Roman Church was a vital component of what developed into Western Civilization. Of course, you can feel free to fire away in the comments. Kurgan is a big boy and can take it. Just be ready for him to fire back.

There can no longer be any doubt that the heretic antipope Bergoglio is the worst thing that has happened to the Catholic Church in its entire history.
This apostate, or more probably, never-was Catholic, has had an effect on the Church, and therefore on its believers, that makes the Borgia Papacies look like the model of Catholic Catechism.

The list of his crimes is far too long to present here in any complete format, however, a brief list of some of the most obvious transgressions is at the end of this post.

The point here is another, however. Even as I was one of the first to clearly state that Bergoglio was most probably the herald of the Antichrist mentioned in Revelation —ahead even of the ever-docile Ann Barnhardt in my condemnation of this filthy Marxist and pedophile supporter— I myself was baptised into the remnant of the Catholic faith on 25th May; Ascension day in both the Eastern and Western traditions (that is Orthodox and Catholic) for 2017.

Why then, would anyone sane want to “belong” to a “club” that includes cocaine fueled gay orgies in the Vatican, the appointment and continued hiding of pedophile priests and cardinals, the utter submission of the Holy See to perversion, satanistic rituals and an egomaniacal servant of the Father of Lies?

Well, for some very good reasons.

Firstly, the Holy, Apostolic, Catholic Church remains the most codified of all of the Christian denominations, and this is far more important than most people realise.

It is true that you must stick to the codes of canon law prior to the Vatican II monstrosities (Pio-Benedictine code of canon law of 1917 and the Council of Trent) but as long as you do, (and you can buy both books on Amazon) you will have the complete rules as regards the Catholic religion in simple, easy to grasp, written words. I will come back to why this is fundamental later on. For now just keep it in mind.

Secondly, the Church is not a social club.

Lector recently wrote an excellent article on this very topic.

But the point is that as long as you think of the Church as a kind of “group” or “club” you would belong to where you need to be in almost perfect agreement with all the other members, then you are fundamentally misunderstanding both the nature of the church as well as your role in it.
It’s a common enough error and I was prey to it myself for years, so it might be worth pointing out a brief analogy that helped me somewhat understand over a period of many months. If you’re outside of the Church, as I was for all my life until May 25, 2017, you can be thought of as a man swimming, lost, in the high seas. Christianity is a boat. The only one you have seen and are likely to ever see.

When I came across it, quite against my will I assure you, I held on to the sides for a long time, effectively asking people aboard what the dress code was and if I had to adhere to it.

John C. Wright, with whom I corresponded at length, made the simple statement: “You’re drowning, you fool! Get aboard, who cares about the dress code!”
And in general terms he was right.
The boat may be a hive of scum and villainy. But…
It is not ALL scum and villainy, and…

It sure beats the hell out of drowning.

And in case you’re assuming I refer to the fear of losing your soul, I assure you that never worried me. But what I discovered, after becoming Christian in my heart before doing it officially, is that the life I led away from God was akin to a constant fight to the death in an endless no-man’s land that has essentially no purpose.

The fights might even get harder once you put on the Uniform of the Church Militant, but the whole experience is transformed. You actually have a side. God is real. Your whole concept of what’s important shifts dramatically and your sense of inner peace and solidity becomes magnitudes larger. And I never lacked for self-confidence or mental strength, but it’s the difference between being a toddler and a grown adult in his prime.

So yes… it’s not a social club. You can pretty much almost despise large numbers of its supposed members. You join it because it’s God’s will that the Church exists on Earth.

And because it’s what he asks of us. Put your uniform on. Pick a side.

Thirdly, Christianity is true.

And this is the sole and most important reason of all. Oh don’t get me wrong, the parody of Christianity you have been taught and grew up with is almost entirely a fiction and is properly called Churchianity. And that is a pack of lies.

But actual Christianity is true. It is practical, it is reasoned and most of all it is absolutely applicable to your life and it will give positive results if applied as what it is: the simple truth.

But why Catholicism, you may say?

A number of reasons:

Historical facts

It is the Catholic Church that:

Spread the gospel far and wide, far more so than any other denomination.
Invented science and essentially the scientific method.

Protected Christendom and repealed the invasions of the Saracens from destroying Europe. Without it there would never have been a surviving Christendom.

The lies perpetrated by the “enlightenment” concerning the Church are very well documented in the book Bearing False Witness by Rodney Stark.

Along with the Copts and the Orthodox, Catholicism is the oldest version of Christianity, tracing itself right back to the apostles in an unbroken chain of popes.


It has the richest traditions of heroes, saints, amazing churches throughout Christendom and the globe and these things have influenced and shaped mankind over the ages.

Many of the rules of the Church can and have been broken by Divine authority and the Church understands this and accepts it.

Remember, something you are probably unaware of, is that the Catholic Church does not “believe” in the Church. It believes God. So if you have a personal vision that you need to lead a tribe of pygmies in the Congo, the local Catholic priest will say you’re insane and send you on your way. Because he knows: If you are meant to do that, then God will see to it and it will happen. And if you’re just nuts, well there have been nuts before. And there will be again.

The always most important thing: it is the Truth! Nothing quite explains reality and the world as we find it, including its monstrous level of evil, as well as Christianity does.

So: worry not that the beast is waking and it appears his throne is in the Vatican. It is prophesied. Rome will fall. Rome has already fallen, it is just a re-animated corpse mostly, twitching its last.

Bergoglio with his heresy and introduction of a false “world religion” is causing millions and perhaps even a billion or two souls to become put on the wide path to Hell.

Again, none of this is surprising if you know your Bible.

Bergoglio and the fall of the Church have also been prophesied by various Saints, including the real St. Francesco D’Assisi, whose good name and sainthood Bergoglio has tried to trample into the mud, and by various miraculous events such as the apparition of our Lady at Fatima and so on.

But regardless of all this, if you pay attention to the solid facts instead of the worldly veneer of social justice the old devil Bergoglio is neck deep in, it becomes patently clear that the institution commonly known as the Catholic Church is sinking. Like the Titanic, the band plays on for a while. But its fate is clear.

There is a remnant of the true Church and they are HERE  if you are interested.

If the signs are true then it may well be that in our lifetimes, or that of our children, dark times indeed will come.

Times so dark you literally cannot imagine them.

And if we survive them, we will need once again to create Christendom. Not the effeminate, Marxist lie that is the “catholic church” at large presently, as led by the heretic Bergoglio, but the real Christianity.




Willing to kill and die to defend the West, our families and Christendom.

And for such a type of Christianity, it is a GOOD thing to have the rules clear and written down.

Human beings are selfish, fallen and weak things, and they do need rules to keep them at least marginally in line.

No Christian denomination comes even close to this level of clarity as the Catholic Church does.

It will be needed again, and sooner than you think. A good analogy is formal martial arts: it has precise rules, and you can begin to go beyond them only after a long period of study where you have learnt how each rule applies and why it exists. Until such time, which only a very few ever reach, stick to the rules. People who definitely know better than you put them in place for good reasons.

And if you happen to be a poor misguided Protestant, do yourself a favour, and actually read the ORIGINAL works of Martin Luther. That alone will be enough for most, but if you want to go the extra step, compare them with the Pio-Benedictine canon laws and the council of Trent. And for the love of God, read some actual historical documents concerning the origins of Christianity.

Or more simply and directly, think deeply on marriage and why contraception is something that naturally leads to evil. Think hard. I didn’t see it either at first. And no wonder, for I have been with dozens of women and I liked, no, loved, their velvety skins, their kisses, their bodies and their hearts.

And yet… none of it compares… to the true and deep love you have with a woman whom you marry and wish to produce children with every time you come together.

You may think I am naive. But you are wrong. Almost without a doubt I have fucked more women than you have, fought more men than you have, traveled to more places, met and lived with more diverse cultures, and done and seen in general more than most men ever will.

So I can say it with a degree of certainty learnt over a lifetime. And not just normal life. Hard life. Beautiful life. Horrible life. All in all, a Savage life.

And nothing. NOTHING, compares to love as we were meant to live it with one woman.

The fact we are all so lost, and so broken, and so far from the ideal we can’t even imagine it anymore is besides the point. Because the truth doesn’t change. And the truth is that the rules of the Catholic Church are, by and large, correct, and make for a far better humanity than the one we have currently as the generic average.

So yes, Rome has fallen. Rejoice. For now we, the true soldiers of Christ, get to take up sword and shield and really push back. Many of us will become martyrs. And I salute them. I am not that good. In fact I am a terrible Christian, but I will at least account for a bunch of enemy heads when the time comes.

And in the meantime, I will go to Church. I will ask for the proper Latin mass and not the sacrilegious perversion that is the Novo Ordo mass. I will buy and hand out to Catholic Priests that still place themselves under Bergoglio a brief criticism of the Novus Ordo Mass in hard copy. The free digital version is here.

I will engage.

I will not back down from calling Bergoglio a heretic and an antipope. Nor of calling myself a Catholic.

You see, a lot of people have forgotten, that it was men like me and you, normal men, not priests, not holy men, not wise ones, not smart or even particularly rich ones, that saved Christendom from the attacks of the Enemy and his many, many minions, both within it and without it.

It was normal men who took up their sword and shields or what little they had and began walking toward Jerusalem in the year of our Lord 1095.
And it was men like us that took up against the Saracens at Malta almost 500 years later.

It’s our turn.


Be counted.

March with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in front of you and the Saints and the Warriors of the ages behind you.

Stand, Christian man. And let your allegiance to our one and only King be known to all.

I am a Catholic, and I will poke fun at you for being a Protestant Heretic ignorant of history and facts, but I’ll share my coffee in the trenches with you all the same, while we battle the ravaging perverts of the Prince of the Air.

Stand beside me, Christian, and don’t let your shield or your sword fall before mine does.

Rome has fallen.

We have not.

We are just getting started.

And for the record, pedophile priests, their superiors who protect them, right up to the false “Pope”, should be nailed to the front door of the church they operated from, upside down, and left there for a few days before being burnt at the stake in the public square.

Jesus was for drowning them, but He has infinite mercy. I am just a fallen man, so you’ll excuse me if I think drowning is too good for these evil sons of bitches.

Just remember, we are not in this alone.

The crimes of the heretic apostate antipope Bergoglio, friend of pedophiles, Marxist and egomaniac, a very small list:

Europe must be federal: The beast of Revelation also tries to destroy the nations.

This guy was appointed as main auditor for the Vatican: Who appointed him? Take a guess. Leverage? You bet. Child sex stuff.

Here is a list of a whole bunch of things.

And another bunch of stuff including also Bergoglio view/s on homosexuality. Quelle surprise…

Grassi, a convicted pedophile remained out of jail for a long time thanks to Bergoglio.

Pedo priests who are essentially murderers forgiven by the Pope.


  1. Don’t think we’re so important. This is the Catholic version of “The Late Great Planet Earth” preaching the rapture and tribulation by 1988 (Israel 1948+40 years). Maybe this is the end but in Acts it says it is not for us to know (most of what Jesus was talking about was 70AD destruction of Jerusalem).
    And do read the very history you are asking others
    We’ve had the Borgia Popes.
    We had Avingon with three claimants – two anti-popes and one real one and the contemporary saints differed on which was the real one.
    Saint Peter Damien also had to confront the lavender mafia in his day – 1000 years ago! – or google his name and “gomorrah” and you will find articles covering what the book says.
    Yes, it was as bad back then.
    Also remember your own words. Its God’s Church. He has the power.
    Peter Kreeft notes the only thing needed – Saints. Real saints like those canonized. And the only reason there aren’t enough is because we don’t wish to be. To love God with everything, every part of our will.
    We’d rather bicker and quarrel and condemn, not fix. Curses back and forth out of the darkness when we have candles and matches.
    I will not debate protestantism here. I will only say “show me your fruit”. Wesley and Wilberforce are excellent examples, but where are they today? You might not be “as bad as” Francis, but where are you shining and taking flack? You can’t hide behind “but that’s not my church” when Presbyterian or Baptist churches go churchian. Where are the good churches? The ones without an uncertain trumpet.
    I’m sure there are more but seems to be one, but it isn’t 501c3, so even if I disagree with a point of doctrine, I can’t criticize their valor, and their pastor (Chuck Baldwin) will preach what he considers truth even when it will cost him.
    Protestants won’t be canonized, but they can become a saint as much as any Catholic. But they also have to want it more than life itself, and be willing to suffer like Paul – read the list of things he boasted about – beatings, shipwrecks… Not a pleasant CV with a degree in theology.
    Christianity over decades became cultural, then casual, not cuckolded. We need another Great Awakening. A Revival. Catholics rarely use those terms but that is still what is needed. Not theology or successful business seminars, but a move of God’s spirit. A new Pentecost. We can fast and pray if we do so honestly and repent of our own sins and pray for the desire to be saints. And it won’t take very many, but are there even those few available now?
    The fields are white to harvest – given how many agnostics and atheists are out there – but we need to harvest, not argue about who has the sharpest scythe.

  2. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that the Holy Spirit has permitted a formal heretic to become Pope, a Catholic understands that it is well beyond our authority to determine this – we are not Protestants. A General Council is the proper authority to determine this and it is this council that will announce to the Church faithful that the current Pope is no longer Catholic and thus no longer Pope. The cardinals and theologians are asking for clarification from Pope Francis, which is perfectly reasonable, but none of them are claiming Pope Francis is teaching heresy and no General Council has concluded so.

    • You’re retarded. And clearly not a Catholic. A Pope that behaves as a heretic is a heretic. A Pope that behaves as a heretic when supposedly speaking for the church is a heretic in a far more serious manner. And if you’d bothered to follow the links and read instead of assume your natural ignorance was enough, you’d know that since 1958 the “Popes” have been heretics that intentionally inserted Varican II in the church much like pedo priests insert themselves into altar boys.
      Meaning that the so-called council that is to judge such things is in fact stuffed with homosexuals, Marxists, pedophiles and generally totally corrupt scumbags.
      You’re also obviously ignorant of canon law. Being Catholic in no way means you subject yourself to lawless heretics like a retarded rabbit.
      Educate yourself further before commenting in ignorance again.

      • Whether or not the pope is behaving like a heretic is precisely what is in question and neither you nor I have the authority to determine this. Most moderns have a problem with actual authority because authority figures can error, but a pope in error is still pope. News flash: human beings are messy. You can call me names and pretend I’ve never heard the views of sedevacantist before, but it won’t change a thing. Here is some material worth reading:

        • You’re a liar as well as retarded.
          The position I have is Sede Privationism, not Sede Vacantism, which is clearly wrong on its face.
          And ANYONE has authority to see a heretic is a heretic. Again, you lie or are just typically arrogantly ignorant in your “knowledge” of canon law.
          A heretic Pope is a heretic.
          IF you were actually at all educated about Sede Privationism you would not have written the cretinity you have written. You are a filthy Churchian and worth only to be spat out by God, as He indeed tells us he will do with you. Rightly so.

          • Your position is not Catholic, which is the relevant point. Anyways, on to more important things. Good day.

          • My position IS precisely Catholic. So AGAIN, you lie. And that’s the whole point. We know who you serve.

          • A disagreement does not make a lie. I serve the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, not some splinter group I personally claim to be the real Catholic Church. The fact that you recognize serious problems in the Church does not mean that the actual visible Church is not the Church.
            Can you site any doctrinal pronouncements by the Magisterium that comes close to advancing the position that personal judgment is sufficient enough to determine who is pope and who is antipope or any distinction between a “material pope” and a “formal pope”? A merely material pope is a paper pope – a pope without jurisdiction and without authority. Isn’t to hold the office to have jurisdiction?
            Despite this disagreement, much of the post I agree with.

      • I think you are insane to think that Catholicism has ANY validity in this world. It is a mystic interpretation of scripture and Jesus’ teachings. Catholicism is the mafia’s religion and those who have never studied the real history of ‘Jesus’ it is their leaning leg for interpretation. No religion on Earth is right. They are all wrong. Only the teachings of Jesus are correct. Love is the common thread and true love for our Father is all that matters. Love thy neighbor as thyself and seek FIRST the Kingdom of God. Those who worship Jesus are missing the entire point. Those who worship people and statues and golden rod and calfs and ritualistic offerings or orchestrated, repeated prayerful ‘punishment’ is a scam. Love is the only way to the Father. Jesus is Love and he is the doorway to heaven but not God himself. Catholics have always and will always have it wrong. They will not make it into heaven “For my people shall perish for a lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6

        • Your understanding of reality is badly flawed. Never mind religion. It’s obvious from your “Engrish” you’re one of those sad examples of mental defectives known as human wreckage.

  3. By rejecting the pope’s…well Catholicism…how does this not put one in the protestant camp? This is not meant to stir up strife, sir. This is puzzling, and most other places this just leads to a giant comment war. Just confused is all, and hoping to gain understanding of the other side of the aisle. Any books or posts on the topic?

    • Hi, since you ask in the correct spirit, I’ll take you at your word.
      The matter is generally quite clear in canon law though not obvious (for obvious reasons). I suggest you read at the sodalitium site and consult pio-Benedictine canon law along with the council of Trent which was written specifically as a response to Protestant heresy.
      In brief, a heretic Pope is a heretic. And while the ecumenical council should so determine, even this does not necessarily remove him, aside form the fact that the council today is stuffed with heretics and worse in any case.
      The solution from here in is most likely outside of human hands. The Sede Privationists are the last remnant of catholic orthodoxy and if you go to one of their holy communions you will instantly realise just how completely and far Rome has fallen. There isn’t really a neat solution to this situation, but it is not a time to despair, but to rejoice. These things have been prophesied.

      • Thank you both for the replies. Still confused at the distinction, but now there is a start point to get reading and trying to understand.
        An aside to the editors of the site: thank you for trying to build up a place where such questions can be brought up and there are actual, reasonable responses rather than well…other forms of communication…

        • Hoosier.
          Both Kurgan and Theo make good points as far as they go.
          as a background I was raised a protestant and had a patient grandfather who was a pastor. and even as an avid history nut I was totally ignorant of church history much past martin luther( as most protestants are.
          I have a fine catholic man to thank for sending me off to research said history.
          so my nutshell summation of the issue. the great schism of 1054 paved the way for the protestant reformation. by splitting the east and west church over a humanly unknowable fact and pure foolish pride.
          the reformation had valid complaints but instead of coming back to the strait and narrow went further afield and on to greater error.
          So while I am not quite ready to call my self a catholic because in my mind the western church is in full on apostasy .
          I will step out and be counted as a fully unworthy follower of christ who wishes to learn and help others to do the same.
          dig into church history and enlighten yourself.

          • This is a good start. And where I was for a long while. Read more. I suggest the link I posted in the article to the Sede Privationists.

      • Are you Urban II’s retarded cousin?
        There is pio-Benedictine canon law and the council of Trent which clearly define things.
        If you go against the basic precepts of Catholicism you are clearly a heretic. This is not difficult.
        If you rape little children you’re a pedophile deserving only death.
        Again, not rocket science here buddy-boy.
        Bergoglio and all his scummy types have instituted or perpetrated or continued into Vatican II and worse and Vatican II is CLEARLY not just not Catholic, it is anti-Catholic. Anti-Christianity.
        I don’t need to decide anything.
        All I need to do is be able to read and u detains basic English or Italian, or if need be Latin.
        If you cannot do any of those things be silent. You have bigger problems than being able to interpret Carholic doctrine. You probably need to learn to read and write coherently enough you can hold down a decent job first.
        Are you also so stupid as to not know no priest is anything but a man and as such flawed? Their pronouncements and edits are to be more stringently examined than a layman’s precisely because of their position. And doing so is easy enough. You know… if you can read and to basic logic.

      • It is simply above the pay grade of laymen to determine who is pope and who is antipope; that authority was given to the Church. For example, Pope Honorius I was condemned as a heretic by the sixth general council. Many Catholics tend to view the Church with a modern understanding of authority; it’s consent of the governed all the way down. I don’t think any of us know how these serious problems will be resolved, but it’s always a bad idea to second guess the Holy Spirit.

      • I have answered multiple times and your lies will not make my answer change. Read and educate yourself. That’s what honest people do. But people of the lie, like yourself and your retarded cousin Urban II just persist in the lie.
        There is no “pay grade”. That is a lie. There is truth and doctrine that has remained unchanged since the Vatican II heresy and the perverse and fraudulent amoris laetitia was started and produced. Go against the basic doctrine that remained essentially unchanged until 1958 and you are a heretic. Again, this is not hard. When Bergoglio states everyone goes to heaven it is a heresy. When he states a personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous it is a heresy. When he pretends not to know we are under the dominion of his master Lucifer and instead says there is no answer to suffering and we must just learn to cry it is a heresy of the highest order and obvious to anyone that is even just nominally Christian. You clearly are not but serve the same master of Churchianity that Bergoglio does. You are serving the Enemy. And doing so intentionally in my opinion. As are the false priests who engage in pedophelia and Bergoglio himself.

  4. The Catholic Church lost it’s validity in the eyes of god in 382, when it modified the first Nicene creed to demand the Trinitarian Heresy be taken as the truth of Christianity, despite being in direct conflict with the new Testament.
    That was the greatest achievement of the Antichrist, and Islam is our punishment for following his vile teachings that we must worship Christ as God instead of giving all glory to him.
    The Catholics have tried, but they have carried that flaw with them for 1600 years, and all the schisms and turning away from faith has been the result of that Heresy.
    Perhaps, some day, the Catholic church may purify itself by rejecting the heresy, but until then the breaks and warring between Christians, leaving them weak against outsider challenges, will continue. Christ will not return while we keep ignoring his word.
    I will return to Catholicism when they stop taking a flat out lie as central to their definition of a church of Christ. Until then, there is no Christian Church upon this world, I will worship in my own way according to the bible, and to perdition with you and your sainthood of demons. Catholic attempts to ‘expand’ and ‘redefine’ The bible is as evil and vile as it’s embrace of Sodomites and lesbians, it’s protection of pedophiles, and it’s support for erasing Christianity.
    God will know his own, not you, not me. Call me a protestant if you like, but I oppose as thoroughly the apostates who call themselves ‘protestants’ while still paying lip service to a heresy as I do the original Catholics.
    I respect the Catholic achievements in History, and I support the culture that they have helped to build, but I will not abide by their polytheism. Go ahead and cuss all you like, call me retarded, or what have you… That does not change the simple fact that discarding the bible and the word of God does NOT make the Catholic church the ‘best choice’ for a christian future.

    • Brigadon, you ARE retarded. On every topic. You’re obviously a low IQ rigid type. Probably Alt-Retard. Your “thoughts” such as they are, are of no consequence or insight. Your understanding of theology is like your understanding of everything else, grossly sub-par.
      You’re basically entertainment for the normal or +1SD IQ types who also read here.
      Your “understanding” of things is so far out of whack with reality it would be unkind to say you’re even wrong. You’re just not even on the same playing field as the rest of us.
      And your Bible reading is pitiful, clearly.
      But then I assume you haven’t actually read it yourself. Just heard about it.

      • Wow, what a magnificent rebuttal… Oh wait, no, I guess I interrupted your stream-of-consciousness load of horseshit.
        “You’re obviously a low IQ rigid type.”
        Intolerant, Rigid, whatever. You may think Sister Margaret Farley is the wave of the future, but your brain is as corrupted as your understanding of the bible.
        “Your understanding of theology is like your understanding of everything else, grossly sub-par.” You mean I don’t buy into your interpretation and flat out lies concerning the bible… You would be right.
        “You’re basically entertainment for the normal or +1SD IQ types who also read here.”
        You are entertainment for the other writers here. You should be grateful they are tolerant of your unending stream of insults and brainless drivel instead of meaningful content. You are lucky you have friends like that.
        “Your “understanding” of things is so far out of whack with reality it would be unkind to say you’re even wrong. You’re just not even on the same playing field as the rest of us.”
        You are right. I studied the bible for nearly 30 years before coming into an understanding of it’s value. I took a saul-esque journey from being a huge opponent to being a firm supporter. You…what, went to seminary to read predigested pap, got all mad and then hashed it out over a few beers? Sure, we are on different playing fields. I am on a battlefield, you are playing checkers.
        “And your Bible reading is pitiful, clearly.
        But then I assume you haven’t actually read it yourself. Just heard about it.”
        And that’s all you have. assumptions and insults. It’s not even very good rhetoric, it’s just the screaming tantrum of a fool. Keep punching to the right, Boy. The leftists, globalists, fags and atheists will love you for it.

        • You poor fool. Aren’t you wondering why all you get from all of us is the same shirt stick rapped across your dog-like face every time you comment?
          Here’s a hint:
          We don’t argue with pigs (ignorants) you only get dirty, and the pig likes it.

  5. Good article! The Church is greater than one man, whether bishop or even a series of bishops (Popes). As a point of reference: the seven Ecumenical Councils recognised by the Orthodox Church weren’t declared ‘ecumenical’ by Church leadership at the councils themselves. The decisions of the councils were taken back to the local parishes and through their general acceptance were later recognised as ‘ecumenical’. All seven of those councils pre-date the Great Schism and ‘should’ be something all Christians can agree on. (Protestant mileage my vary. It’s okay I was Protestant once, too)

  6. Pope Honorius I was a heretic. “More than forty years after his death, Honorius was anathematized by name along with the Monothelites by the Third Council of Constantinople (First Trullan) in 680. The anathema read, after mentioning the chief Monothelites, “and with them Honorius, who was Prelate of Rome, as having followed them in all things”.
    ‘Even Ven. Abp. Fulton J. Sheen understood this 45 years ago, just a few years after the crisis in the priesthood began to reveal itself. He said quite famously in a 1972 address before the Knights of Columbus, “Who is going to save our Church? Do not look to the priests. Do not look to the bishops. It’s up to you, the laity, to remind our priests to be priests and our bishops to be bishops.” ‘

  7. Kurgan
    well written may I be so bold as to recommend an author .
    Wahlid Shoebat He does an excellent review of bible prophecy and the end times from the point of view that only a former Saracen can have
    well worth the time

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Movie Review: Streets of Fire

Underrated. Yes, the acting is forced, the lines are flat, the sets limited, but it makes up for it by being awesome. It's more of a modern Western than anything.

Calvin Coolidge on Independence Day

Speech Given July 1926 We meet to celebrate the birthday of America. The coming of a new life always excites our interest. Although we know in the case of the individual that
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