Sermon: The Almost Christian

Editor’s Note: This is the third sermon we have posted by George Whitefield, the great evangelist. We keep coming back to him, as his words are often so timely. “Almost thou persuadest


In the Beginning, God

In the beginning, it was God Who created. The Hebrew word translated ‘in the beginning’ is ‘bereshit’ and proclaims that nothing existed prior to God’s act of creation, and that the heavens


Guest Post: The Southern Agrarian Last Ditch List

Editor’s Note: Written by Stephen Clay McGehee. Reposted with permission from The Southern Agrarian – Most of us garden primarily for pleasure. It’s what we do because – well, because we are Southern Agrarians.


Friday Music: Glen Campbell

On Tuesday, August 8, Glen Campbell died after suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. While not in the same league with Merle Haggard or Johnny Cash, Campbell did provide some catchy tunes, and one


Beast Life: Bench Press

  The bench press is the staple lift for your chest and triceps. It is a complex movement, which means it hits multiple joints and the muscles that work them. You always

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