Burn Down The "Modern" World

For into a freak show a child is born: Proud dad Reuben Sharpe today tells how HE gave birth to a miracle baby in Britain’s most modern family. The 39-year-old transitioned to


Dad Of The Year

Behold, fathers: this is what God put you here to do: A coyote attacked a pair of dogs, bit a woman and skirmished with a vehicle before being killed by a father


Let Them Rage

The Democrats are mad again: Chuck Schumer launched an assault on Mitch McConnell’s plans for how to hold Donald Trump’s impeachment trial Monday night, calling them a ‘cover-up’ designed to hide evidence


Urban Ignorance

When folks think of ignorant people, they generally think of the rural. It’s always some small town kid that’s never left the county he was born in that first pops into your

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