I have put my money where my mouth is. I contacted my senators to support national concealed carry reciprocity. You can do so here. and I wrote to my Governor to support Constitutional Carry in my state. Fight for your rights, Men of the West.

What you do can be easy: Engage your representatives on Twitter. Urge them to sponsor the Concealed carry reciprocity bill. If your reps are hostile, don’t waste your time, unless you want some free entertainment trolling the wackos.

It is moderately more effort if you call or write your reps. Most of them will have contact information on their website.

Join the NRA, or better yet, Gun Owners of America. I renewed my membership to Gun Owners of America.

You may think it is a waste of time. Gun rights is one area that conservatives, especially at the state level, have not been failing us. Take a look at this animated map. Progress is being made. It is moving at a glacial pace, but glaciers have a lot of power.