October 30, 2017
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The Social Justice plague consumes everything it touches. When everything is political, nothing is sacred.
The old traditions and institutions that upheld the West have been under constant chewing by the Social Justice Termites, leaving nothing of value unsullied by their odious actions.
Our Western myths start with Beowulf killing monsters that threaten the land, through knights battling dragons, to superheroes stopping supervillains from Earth and beyond.
Honor, overcoming adversity, challenging the seemingly overwhelming odds, while kicking ass and cracking wise are part and parcel of our superheroes.
For too long now, Marvel and DC have ceded ground to politically correct thought. They are busy creating characters that only exist in the funhouse mirror world of Social Justice Approved Thought. Plots and writing take second, or third, seat to making sure the diversity boxes are checked and the Important Message of the Day is properly framed and shoved down the reader’s throats.
Alt*Hero is gauntlet thrown down in response. It’s a challenge to make comics fun, thrilling, and heroic again.
There’s a hunger out there, a market not being served, readers looking for the traditions of great storytelling combined with great comic book art to tell the stories of modern Beowulf fighting monsters in the land.
Alt*Hero crowd-funding not only passed the initial $25k goal, it suplexed that goal, but, not satisfied with that, it clotheslined the goal, did a diving elbow drop, then finished with a piledrive for kicks and for the roaring approval of the fans.
With more than $245,000 now committed, with such luminaries as Chuck Dixon and Vox Day working on the storylines, Alt*Hero already is promising to be what fans want: Heroes and Villains locked titanic combat through the great traditions of Western storytelling.


      • Ill give it A go, Satan made new york, california, oregon and the white men of europe A bunch of bitches, but G-d All Mighty put A bit of kick arse in Israel and Texas. If you embrace G-d’s creation He gives you power, if you oppose it He brings you low. In G-d I trust.

        • Trying to succeed economically without the Jews is like black people trying to succeed without white gentile men, your going to be overshadowed by those that do not share your hate, therefore your perspective will be of poverty eternally. In G-d I trust.

          • Sounds like you simply direct your hate in the opposite direction, pretty pot calling the kettle black. So obvious yet you remain somehow oblivious to what is clear as day to everyone else. And I’m pretty sure everyone is against IRAQ at this point. It’s old news and there are far more important things happening right now.

          • And besides, every group has a problem with every other group at this point in history. The problem? We are not meant to live in such large and deracinated nation states, we are totally disconnected from one another and humans are tribal. Without an identifiable tribe to feel a part of, our biological and psychological wiring is short circuiting. This will lead and already is leading to manifesting increasingly extreme expressions of angst from almost all groups. The solution is obvious if you think about it. Separation and lowering of scale. Smaller and more demographically coherent countries would be the most practical solution to healing this wound. Read “bowling alone” by Putnam for academic evidence of my presupposition if you doubt this.

  1. ALT*HERO can only be better than any thing the Big companies are pushing these days. I went into it for a little bit and will see how good it is,then will probably support it in the future. Anything that fights the SJW garbage is worth the support.

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