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Every once in awhile I say to myself, “I bet I’m not kicking my own ass enough.” You may experience something similar when your routine gets stale or boring. You may not be ready to change up your routine, so a great way to shock your system is to throw in a 1000 rep routine.
1000 reps are at the extreme end of hypertrophy. Do not do these more than once every other week. You will over work your body and fail to recover, resulting is a loss of gains.
I first came across 1000 reps from Body Spartan. It’s a company that wants you to pay membership for their work out programs and supplements, while pretending they aren’t all on copious amounts of steroids. However, they list some of their workouts for free, and I’ve personally tried the 1000 rep shoulders and arms. They are killer, and will help shock you back into growth.
The Body Spartan routines like to super set 4 sets of 30, which is actually 8 sets of 30, per station. Their shoulder routine has a triple superset, which is 32 sets of 30 on one station, or 120 reps without rest, per set. What I’m getting at is these will absolutely kick your ass.
I’ve searched the internet over to find 1000 rep chest, back, and legs. I couldn’t find them. You will have to build your own. The easiest would be 10 exercises of 5×20. I prefer the Body Spartan way of super setting the 4x30s. It is the most miserable.

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