Bench press is important for beasts because it involves your primary face beater muscles. Your chest, shoulder, and triceps. Having explosive strength when it comes to pushing things off or away from your body will ensure that you win over the guy who doesn’t train. It means being able to stop people from getting too close to your wife or kids. It means smashing the skulls of whoever crosses the line. After 2 months, I just confirmed today that my bench is back up over 300 lbs, which happened sooner than I thought.

To get started, I park my adjustable bench where the head rest is just under the front side. I gotta do this because my power rack is on the small side, and I’m on the X-large side. My side bars come with hooks on the outside, so I set those at chest level for any “oh shit” moments. If I bring the weight down but can’t it get back up, I can at least swing it to those hooks. I set my regular hooks at 80% full extension.

After a few warm up sets, where I gradually work up to my working weight, I get ready for my first set. Shoulders pinched, slight arch in lower back. This protects my shoulders. I’m putting my hands in the “power” position, which is just outside of my shoulder sockets. This is the optimum position to use both your chest and triceps for the work load.

10 reps. Touch your chest. Just do it. It’s too easy to lose to yourself otherwise, and you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t get a full range of notion.

Rest 2 minutes and repeat for 2 more sets.

This week’s motivational is Hatebreed Perseverance.