Beast Life: Chest Flys

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Chest flys are a great exercise to round out your chest routine.  They are hands down the best shaping exercise for your chest muscles, and they work at really stretching your chest out to hit every fiber.  Any shaping routine will utilize a variety of chest flys, from dumbbells to cables, working at different angles. For this article, we are going to discuss dumbbell flys, because free weights are always better than cable or machine exercises.
Grab a flat bench preferably, or an adjustable bench in the flat position. You’ll want to get into position the same way that you do with the dumbbell press. With the weights resting on your knees, while sitting at the edge of the bench, roll back onto your back, and let the weights move with your body to your chest.  Press the weights up. This is the starting position.
As you lower the weights, let your arms bow slightly. Picture yourself hugging a tree or a very large woman. As you get to the bottom where you feel your chest stretch to the max, raise your arms up, crushing the fat lady with your love. At the top, squeeze your chest as you touch the dumbbells together.
Typically, you will do this exercise at medium to high repetitions with high intensity. Enjoy a great pump. Do these before a date or an important business meeting to feel like a super alpha.

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