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dips-2I like dips as a staple tricep exercise because they are a compound movement. But like the tricep press, you need to keep your elbows tucked in to your sides to ensure you’re targeting them.
Nearly every gym will have a place for dips. I’ve never seen one without. But if you should find yourself with out one, you can improvise with two benches. Heels on one bench, palms on the other, slightly behind you. Lower yourself until your elbows touch your ears. Push up, squeezing the triceps as you go.
At a dip station, you will grab the bars at your waist. Lock out your elbows and raise your feet up. Keeping them slightly tucked back will help you balance through the movement. You’ll notice that as you go, your body will want to swing. Do what you can to level this out. Lower and raise just like with the benches.
If you’re too weak to do dips with body weight, some gyms dip station will have a padded lever that will support some of your weight. You can adjust how much it will hold. Alternatively, your buddy can hold your feet, or you can do the benches.
If you’re too strong, and it seems like it takes you 30 reps to get a good burn, add weight with a chain belt. On the benches, throw a plate or two on your lap.dipbench-2

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  1. Shoulder mobility is important for dips. If you can’t do the full range of motion with bodyweight, suck it up and use the assisted dip machine. You can progressively reduce the amount of assistance.
    Don’t be that guy at the dip station, bobbing his head and neck furiously while barely unlocking his elbows as he “dips.”

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