Deluded Democrats

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What a month it has been. Since President Trump took the oath of office on January 20, 2017, we have been able to watch the collective melt down of the Democrat Party. We saw Senator Chuck Schumer pull out his crocodile tears, when discussing Trump’s Immigration policies. I suppose he was trying to show that he was empathetic. Instead, he showed that he is just plain old pathetic. Sure, Pres. Trump jumped on the weepy senator, but even more damning was the response by the former NY Police Commissioner who pointed out that Sen. Empathy did not shed one tear at ground zero immediately after 9/11. Yes, that is correct. Schumer was able to whip up his tear ducts for Muslim terrorists who want to enter our country to cause death and mayhem, but was unable to produce any emotion for 3000 slain Americans (killed, incidentally, by Muslim terrorists). Their hypocrisy is sickening.
Chucky is not the only one of the Democrats demonstrating a failure to connect to the American people, though. Consider Fauxcahontas  herself, Elizabeth Warren. After speaking ill of then-Senator Jeff Sessions during the senate debate on his nomination for Attorney General, she was shut down by Senate Republicans, under Senate Rule 19, and forbidden from speaking from the floor for the duration of the proceedings. So what does she do? She takes to Twitter to lambast Trump and Sessions, proclaiming that Sessions was unfit, that every time he did something she didn’t like, “he will hear from us.” Whew. I bet he is quaking in his boots. BTW, haven’t the Democrats been complaining about how Pres. Trump uses Twitter? Different standards, I suppose. More hypocrisy.
crazywarrenWarren then went on to speak, outside, about how the Democrats were not “the minority party.” No, they are “the opposition party.” Look, Sen. Genius. I know math is hard, but let me explain it for you. In the Senate, the Republicans have 52 seats. Your Democrats have 48. In the real world, when you have more than 50%, you have a majority. If you have less than 50%, you have a minority. (I am not going to cover other political systems, such as the British Parliamentary model, where you might have a plurality, etc., without a majority). So by definition, the Democrats are, without a doubt, the minority party.
Key here, though, is her shift of terms. She is correct that the Democrats are the “opposition” party. In fact, they oppose everything that is good and decent in our society. While that is not her intention, sometimes unintended meanings hit close to home. The Democrats have done nothing but obstruct the confirmation of Pres. Trump’s cabinet members. They are playing games, lashing out at the man who soundly whipped their butts in the last election. They are acting like children.  They fake cry. They whine and complain. They hurl insults. Their only objective is not to govern, but to oppose. They are not even considering the merits of individual nominees, much less legislation. If Trump supports it, they oppose it. That is not governing. That is grade school behavior. Then again, it fits their intellectual capabilities.
Face it folks, the Democrats are mental midgets. They have no idea what to do, so they declare themselves to be “the opposition.” Now, I am sure Sen. Warren meant it so come across as “the loyal opposition,” but instead, America hears “cry babies.” America may not be as dumb as some of us feared.
These policies that the oppose? Yeah, overwhelmingly supported by the American people. Whether the immigration ban (or whatever you want to call it), the wall on the Mexican border (that Mexico will pay for), deregulation…pick your topic. Trump has tapped into the American psyche, and that is what Warren says the Democrats oppose. They oppose you. They oppose life. They oppose security. They oppose an improved economy.
Good for them. They are showing who they truly are – deluded, depressing, and dying out.

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  1. The Democrats are like a baby with a dirty diaper that is throwing a tantrum to prevent being changed. They make a huge mess with Obamacare and immigration and regulations etc., and they think whining and screaming and moaning is going to prevent us from cleaning it up.

  2. I did not realize that about Schumer post 9/11. What an evil and corrupted worm of a male he is. If he thinks that Boehnering for the cameras is going to win him any points, he needs to rethink his position. Trump called him a clown, and I think that is apt.
    Regarding Fauxcahantas and her tirade, McConnell knew he had to step up to the plate on this. Sessions has been a great Senator and a colleague of McConnell’s for a long time, and McConnell could not allow what is basically a first timer junior senator to get away with this kind of behavior. Even Alveda King came out and castigated Fauxcahantas for the misuse of her mother’s words.

  3. I agree with your post…but.
    They aren’t “dying” out. They are multiplying, like rats with fleas. We all know what that leads to.

    • I disagree. We are seeing Dems losing state congressional houses and governorships across the country. Even Rahm Emmanuel has stated that they have little hope for any significant improvement in 2018. They are down. Some of them are loud. They still control the MSM, so those loud folks get lots of air time. As a whole, they are not multiplying, though.

  4. Sadly I live in New York. At least until I am hopefully able to retire in a few years. I’ve had to deal with Schumer and Cuomo and Clinton’s F ups for far too long now. Every year I vote against them and every year all the “entitlement” cases vote for them. I live in the Finger Lakes area. I think if you were to look at a map of voting you’d see the majority of people outside of the city voted against democrats, while of course the people in NYC voted for them. Cuomo is turning this state into his own little fiefdom. The assembly now wants to make New York a sanctuary state. WTF. That will drive up taxes as we’ll be paying more for services to all the illegals who can’t or won’t get a job. It’ll make the state more dangerous to live in and Cuomo will have to import more illegals to keep voting for him to keep the democrats in power. He’s also now advocating spending $163M per year and offering free college tuition to state colleges to any kid whose family makes less than $125,000 per year. Just another burden on the backs of the NY taxpayers.
    I don’t want to be old enough to retire, but I can’t get out of this state soon enough…

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