Beast Life: Dumbbell Rows

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Sometimes you may want to look outside of your standard back exercises, especially rows. Maybe your gym doesn’t have the right equipment, or you don’t want to put additional strain on your lower back, or maybe you just need to switch it up. Dumbbell rows are a solid entry and a great choice. You have a solid support position to keep your back safe. And you can move some serious weight with these. About the only draw back is you can only do one side at a time. This means twice the time spent and twice the energy used.
Grab a flat bench or adjust one to the flat position. Set whatever dumbbells you’re gonna use on each side. Whichever side that you want to work first, the opposite side of your body is going to be on the bench. So if you’re working your right side row first, your left hand and knee will be supporting your body on the bench, and your right foot will be on the floor.
Reach down and grab the weight. Square up your torso so that your shoulders are level. Using a mirror really helps. This is your starting position. If you can’t square up, you’re using too much weight. Pull the weight up, keeping the plane across your shoulders pretty level. You might see some retards jerking the weight with their hips and shoulders. Don’t. Your chiropractor will thank you in 20 years. Lower the weight with control. Do not let it pull your body away from your squared up form. Remember to do 2-3 warm up sets before you get to your working weight.


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