To round out your basic leg routine, I want you to do lunges. Don’t get excited, lunges will make you hate life just as much as squats. But lunges will help you split things up to help target some weaker points in the complex movement that squats may not hit good enough. They also really help your balance.

This video walks you through the basic form, so I don’t have to describe it to you. The thing that I want you to focus on is getting good knee contact when you go down, without resting on your knee.

It’s best to do lunges in a set path instead of shuffling your feet back and forth in the same spot. Having an end goal helps you push through. Go back and forth down the hall, or do a lap around the gym perimeter.

I want you to go without dumbbells for your first few sessions, in order to get the movement down and your hips broken in. Then slowly add weight with dumbbells using proper progression. Also, try not to fart.