Beast Life: Rear Delt Flys

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Your rear delts are very hard to target. They get worked on your back day and your primary shoulder lifts, but really hitting them specifically can be challenging, especially if they are lacking. So here is my favorite isolation exercise for rear delts.
You will need an adjustable bench and some dumbbells.
Set the bench at about 30° from the floor. For you fucking retards out there, that’s slightly lower than 45°.
Now straddle the bench facing the back rest. You should have a dumbbell resting on each knee. Lean forward until you’re resting fully on the back rest. You may want to swing your legs back for comfort. Just so long as your weight is supported at the butt and chest. From this position, move your dumbbells to where they are hanging vertically in front of you. This is your starting position.
From the starting position, keeping your arms straight without locking the elbows, raise the dumbbells in a vertical path. Aim for a plane that is level with your head. Lower again as if you’re hugging the bench. This will feel awkward  at first because it’s far from a natural movement. But this will definitely target your rear delts for some added shaping.
Warm up with 2-3 sets and keep them at mid-high rep range, low to mid weight.

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  1. I do bent over laterals. I used to observe old men and their physiques when I was younger. Shoulder developement was often very bad. As an old man now, 66, I’m determined to maintain my shoulders, so I use them along with my overhead push presses and dumbbell presses.

  2. I find that face pulls are better for targeting my rear delts, they’re gaining size through them when before they were always lagging. High pulls and medium grip upright rows seem to help also.

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