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I’m putting this post up for you Beast Living fuckers to give some personal testimonials on your journey. Tell your story. Give your Beast anecdotes.

Donner Schwanze is a Traditional Christian with Traditional values. He has had a tough life and has worked hard for everything he has. As a Father and a Husband, Donner will do whatever it takes to defend his God, his nation, and his family.


  1. umm, testimonial….almost
    This week, I will take my boys and buy the weights that we already talked about. So we will begin our beast life journey in a few days.
    I have been modifying my eating habits to align with a beast life mode.

  2. Retained an attorney to get rid of the cheating drunken wife. If anything can be taken from my marital disintegration, pick your wife wisely and carefully. Started a body weight exercise regimen. (Can not stand regular gyms) I built bunk beds for my children. More changes will come. In the next year, I will transform myself.

  3. Was stuck lifting low weights for months. Then I started eating four meals a day. Now I’m moving almost respectable numbers.
    You wanna be a beast, you gotta eat like a beast. Rice cakes and soy lattes won’t cut it.
    The belly grew a little, but nobody notices. People just say I’m looking good. If you need to choose between visible abs and big shoulders, choose shoulders.
    Of course if you eat a lot and don’t pick up a barbell you’re just gonna be a slob.

    • There’s a saying in body building; “if you have abs you’re not growing.” You can do Google searches for them, but the off season/ on season pictures of proffesional bodybuilders show insane differences.

  4. In High School, I Boxed, Wrestled, ran track, did martial arts and played some football. College and marriage gave me a 15 year break from any physical activity, save a few aborted attempts to get in shape. When I was hit with a divorce in my mid 30’s I spent a year really getting in shape. No gym, just 100 push up, 100 sit ups, some curls and shoulder raises, pull ups and ran 2 miles every day.(5 days a week) Fast forward another 15 years, a new wife and 3 children and I had ballooned up to 311lbs. I had also lost the ability to push myself as hard as I needed to be pushed. 2 years ago I joined a local Crossfit gym out of a guy’s garage in my neighborhood. Been there almost 2 years now. started at 3 times a week and am now up to 5 days a week. Lost 45 lbs and am in the best shape i have been in since High School. Crossfit is not for everybody,but it certainly has helped me and fits in with my goals. At 6’3 and now 265 lbs I have never been really weak, but my wind and stamina were almost non existent. That has exponentially improved. There is an old wrestling proverb that states, ‘The best move is good conditioning.’ That goes for a lot of things, including combat.

    • Good for you on making the journey. Cross fit gets a lot of flack, but if it gets you off of the couch and into fighting shape, it’s doing good. My biggest criticism of it is that is promotes unsafe activities and bad lifting habits. Just be safe brother.

  5. I’ve lifted for about 6 years, however it was only in the last year that I made the true effort to put on size. I went from about 215 to 230. People now address me differently. I often get comments from people of how I “look like I workout.” My exercise program is 5 days a week that focuses on compound lifts, along with a few accessory lifts. It’s tough but the reward is worth it. “Looking like you lift” requires dedication to the iron and diet. You have to eat allot. Lifting big combined with eating big has helped me get huge gains in both size and strength.

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