Don't get too optimistic

February 17, 2017
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We’ve had a good couple of months. Hillary lost; That fact alone is worth a couple months of giddiness. Trump won. That was reason to be cautiously optimistic. Since then, his cabinet picks, executive orders, and supreme court nominees have been enough to make me jubilant. I am firmly on the Trump train.
Yes, we need to enjoy the win. Yes, lets spike the football. Making liberals cry is good for everyone, even the liberals. Bring the pain, shitlords. Bring the sweet, sweet, pain.
But let’s not get too excited. We are not out of the woods. Republicans in congress can’t agree on what to replace Obamacare with. They expect it to take a year. We must press on while the liberals are reeling. Republicans must be reminded that their position is temporary, and that they can be replaced. Remember, the only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat. Almost all politicians are enemies of liberty and must be strictly monitored. We must make sure that they actually get it done. It may mean spending some time on the phone and writing emails. Continue the fight.
America is sick. We have a lot of enemies that would like to knock us off the perch. Russia is doing a little posturing lately. No doubt they are testing the new president. There are quite a few neocons in Congress that want to get into a slap fight with Russia. There’s no reason. Lift the sanctions. Lets trade, not fight. We have no beef with anyone, except ISIS. Let’s not look for a fight that we don’t need.
We are crippled by debt.  The US is nearly 20 trillion in the hole, and combined with personal debt, it’s a quarter million dollars for every person in the country.  Most of the baby boom generation isn’t going to pay their share before they die. They will add to it. Don’t forget that a lot of people don’t earn enough to pay any taxes. This isn’t a problem that’s going away in our lifetime. We have over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. These are things the US government is obligated to pay, yet the funding for them doesn’t exist. The government takes in a little over 3 trillion each year. Those unfunded liabilities won’t get funded. We must understand what happens when Medicare and Medicaid stop coming. We may have to take care of our parents because we can’t afford assisted living or nursing homes, and the government won’t be able to pay. Our kids will have to take care of us, or we will have to see to our own retirement. The government is broke and is not going to be able to do a lot of the things it does now. Prepare for it.
Prepare for other things. California is talking about secession. I say let them go. They’d come crawling back within a decade, I reckon. But the problem is America is too polarized. Leftists got control of nearly everything and those on the right reacted strongly against it. The left moved philosophically leftward and the right didn’t move or moved right. The distance between us is too great. If California leaves, the rest of the blue states will be disenfranchised, since California’s electoral votes are essential to the Democrats. I expect a lot more states would leave.  Be prepared. Nobody knows how this would play out. Some people would be better off getting out of the blue states while the getting is good.

In the Green Family Forge

The most important thing to remember is that Trump is not going to make America great again. He may be the greatest president we have ever had, and I hope he is. But he cannot make us a great country again. That is up to us. We must start companies, and hire our neighbors. We must buy American goods. We must return to faith. We must teach our kids that hard work is sometimes rewarded but laziness never pays. Remember our forefathers, who put in the backbreaking work to settle this nation. Many failed, many died. But their descendants reaped the harvest of all that was invested. In the same way, we may be working to make America great for our grandchildren and never see a return in our lifetime.
Trump can get the government out of the way and off our backs. The heavy lifting is on us. Lets be equal to the task.


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