I have never claimed to be a fortune-teller, and don’t presume to start now. However, I will make some predictions for the elections on Nov 6, 2018. Take these for what they are: My own personal guesses at how things will turn out.

House of Representatives:

Republicans lose 4 seats, maintain control.


Republicans gain 6 seats, for a 57-43 advantage.


By the end of the day, Republicans hold 29 seats, with Democrats at 21.


Sure, the polls indicate that Dems are going to have a big day, but I have not trusted polls for a long time, and 2016 showed how unreliable they are, especially in close races. As Larry Schweikart has pointed out, early voting patterns are more reliable, when compared to past elections, and his model has Tuesday as a good day for Republicans.

So I am putting this out here before the election. We can revisit on Wednesday and revel in my prognostications or you can feel free to make fun of my rose colored expectations, whichever turns out to be the case.

I simply see no way the “Blue Wave” is not a fabrication, and the Donald Trump wing of the Republicans will have a good, good day.