Friday Music: 19th Century "Hits"

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  1. These songs struck the other day listening to the radio. One of the hosts made a joke about that town where there are like three people, and one guy has been the mayor for like fifty years. His gag was along the lines that the townsfolk are upset cause the “old gray mayor…ain’t what he used to be”. Bad joke, no argument.
    But without these sort of shared cultural references, that joke is just a weird statement to make. Got me to thinking how many people have no idea what the guy was talking about…at all…, and how these sort of handed-down references of a shared past get lost through time.

    • My dad used to say “you look like you’ve been rode hard and put up wet.”
      I had to stop using it, since no one gets it anymore. They have no concept of riding horses, etc.

  2. Oh, and note that the 2nd Carolina String Band is awesome. A bunch of their stuff on YouTube is utterly fantastic.

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